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This artist spotlight is brought you in collaboration with iCreateFlix a new partner.

This week’s featured artist is painter, mixed media artist & instructor Jodi Ohl.  You are in for a treat when you explore Jodi’s wonderful artwork.  Her explorations into the use of color, layered effects and inspirational messaging will lead you on a journey of discovery as you are drawn into her artwork.

Jodi is an artist that has taken the dive into fully living the creative life by leaving her career in banking and becoming a full time artist.  You can find her beautiful work in galleries along the East Coast and in her home area along the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.

Finding Your Own Artistic Voice

Joining one of Jodi’s workshops is an experience not only in wonderful art creation but also a retrospect of your personality as an artist.  Jodi encourages each artist to start from a position of where they are and what they want to convey through their projects.  She has her own unique colorful style but she thoughtfully takes the time to encourage you to find your own voice, your color pallet and the personal focus that will make your artistic creations a true reflection of you.

Layering Colorful Storytelling & Inspiration

Each of Jodi’s creations bring to life at least three layers of art expression starting with your choice of subject matter.  Jodi’s featured workshop is “Funky Little Cityscapes,” the first encouragement that Jodi shares with her students is to make your project personal to your life, giving you creative freedom to focus on an individual house, a neighborhood or an entire cityscape scene that is personal and relevant to you.

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Then she guides you through developing a personal color pallet; in addition she encourages you to include inspirational words and messages blended into the architecture that convey hope, faith, optimism or love.  Making each work of art a true storytelling and inspiring experience.

Be sure not to miss the video tour of Jodi Ohl’s art studio.  You will get a behind the scenes view of where Jodi creates and how she organizes her space to be productive and live the creative life.  You can also listen to her podcast interview and get to know her a little bit more.

Jodi Ohl’s art always makes you smile, creating through what inspires her in her daily creative art journey.

She is featured in art galleries around the North East and her art pieces are owned by collectors from around the world.  In addition to being an artist she is also an art teacher, she teaches in both live and online venues around the country.  Her live events are always packed classes and filled with lots of fun and laughs while creating art.  For those who can’t get to her live events you can catch Jodi Ohl in her online classes.

Jodi offers a Variety of creative online workshops with  Her “Funky Little Cityscapes” online video workshop teaches  you to paint colorful city scenes using a fabulous range of happy colors and textures.  Have a favorite house or block that you want to recreate?  Or just enjoy seeing homes with heart in them?  Then this is the class for you! You will want to paint more than one for sure!

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If you’re not ready to jump into the deep end with a full class you can also get the “mini version” of this class called  “Funky Mini Cities,” another online workshop which gives you a taste for her style and abilities.  Once you get a taste you may want more so you can upgrade from there to the larger online class for just the additional cost difference.

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Jodi Ohl’s “Twinks on Yupo” video art workshop is like candy on paper showcasing some amazing mediums and techniques, giving you tools in your art box to create pure lusciousness!  Did we mention the amazing colors she introduces you to?

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Then there is her most recent video art class creation “Grunge Ink,” which takes you out of your comfort zone by creating with inks in an abstract way.  This is something totally fun and original that provides you with the skills to create art in a unique way.

Getting to know Jodi Ohl

ICF:  Tell Us About Where You Live.

Ohl: I live in a little town South of Raleigh, NC called Aberdeen.  I’ve lived here about 16 years now but I’m originally from Western NY.

ICF: Tell us about your family life, kids/pets.

Ohl: It’s a modern family so to speak, I am a single parent raising a 14 year old boy and a big marmaduke named Charlie at home; then I have a 20 year old son who is in his second year of college and lives away from home down in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.13.54 AM ICF: How long have you been painting and how did you get started? Ohl: I’ve been painting since about 2006-2007, although I did a bit of watercolors prior to that.  The path to how I got started painting is a winding one.  I did it for relaxation and to de-stress but it was also a life line for me during a tumultuous personal time.  I was working for a large bank as a bank manager and painted in the evenings and weekends for fun.  As I said, I painted to decompress but it wasn’t long before I realized that teaching what I do was a passion of mine and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. ICF: Tell us about your recent workshop – “Twinks on Yuppo,” what would you say is the best part of the class?

Ohl: I think the best part of the class is that the process is a bit unconventional in the way that I approach watercolors.  The class shows you how to create texture and interesting marks along with bright, bold, and fun composition.  It’s hard not to be happy while creating in this manner.  The paints we use are like candy, incredibly ‘delicious’ to use.

ICF: Speaking of paints, what are your favorite materials to work with?

Ohl: Acrylic paint, watercolors, and mediums of all kinds.  I favor Golden and Matisse Acrylics but I find it hard to resist other brands if there is a color that I really like. 

ICF: What’s the most favorite thing you have ever painted?

Ohl: Every ‘last’ painting is my favorite while I’m doing it and holds a special place in my heart.  I think, though, that my favorite painting thus far is a 48 x 60 painting called ‘Signs,’ it was created mostly during a ‘live’ paint demonstration.  Not only was it the largest painting I had ever created but it was done in front of a crowd, which was uncomfortable to do at first but exhilarating by the end.  After the event I took it home and finished it, I called it ‘Signs’ because I always look for signs to show me the way in this world.  

By completing this painting as large as it was, and to do it mostly in front of a crowd was a turning point for me.  It showed me that I can forge through the seemingly impossible and rise above even the obstacle of myself.  I sold the painting within weeks to someone that has become my biggest collector in the last several years, to me that was another ‘sign’ that I was on the right path and heading in the right direction.

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ICF: What advice would you give people who are just starting out in the creative world?

Ohl: Paint/create/do whatever it is you do as much as you can as often as you can.  You get better at what you do the more you do it, so you have to put in the work.  It’s not always easy.  It’s not glamorous or it rarely is, so it’s also not a career for the faint of heart.  You have to want to do this with all your heart and be passionate about it.  At the same time, if you want to be an artist who sells their work, you have to put your business hat on and pay attention to that side of the coin as well. ICF: What’s the hardest part of doing what you do?  Ohl: That has changed over the course of the last few years, and I’m sure it will continue to change. Right now the hardest thing to do is to let go of things I love or have loved to move in the direction I want to go in, and that I feel is not only going to sustain me, but allow me to thrive.  It’s about coming to terms with those activities or parts of your career and knowing what to say yes to, and when to say thank you very much I’m honored but no, I can’t do that at this point in time. ICF:  Where do you go for inspiration? Ohl: Most always, my inspiration is found near water or in the mountains if we are talking about a physical place.  With so much going on all the time, I find that if I’m uninspired, I’m usually tired because I always have ideas but there are times when I hit an energy wall.  So to refill my personal well, it’s about returning to a place of peace where I can feel grounded.  Day to day inspiration could be magazines, Pinterest, journals, nature, and of course my family. ICF: You film a lot of online art course content and share amazing techniques with students, what’s the hardest part to filming a class? Ohl: The hardest thing about filming a class is the editing and uploading process.  It takes a huge amount of time and energy to get it the way I like it, and I watch the clips over and over again to make sure they are just right.  The other hard part for me is to work within the confines of my own space.  I’m starting to outgrow my studio so it’s hard to set up a filming area and a work area.  There are many occasions when I need to be doing both filming for a class, and other painting projects so the set up and break down of the areas can be tiresome but honestly, I hate to complain about any part of my job!!  I love what I do and am grateful that that’s the worst problem I have!!! ICF:  What’s the one thing you want every one to know about you? Ohl: That I have a gift to teach others; I’m a teacher who makes art and I’m grateful to those who have the trust in me to guide them in their own journey, whether it’s for their own personal growth or for fun (or a combination of both!).  I think my style is approachable and I don’t take myself so seriously that I’m afraid to show my own mistakes, I learn from them so that students can also dust their knees off and carry on bigger and better than before in case something goes haywire. ICF: Your new class on is called Grunge Ink can you give us three words to describe it or tease us? Ohl: Original.  Contemporary.  Fun.
You won’t want to miss this unique and totally new class with Jodi Ohl!  Click here to check it out.
Thank you Jodi for sharing with us a sneak peek into her creative world.
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