Knit Gifts for the Holidays!

As I’ve browsed through the ArtFire craft selection in search of great holiday gifts for friends and family, I’ve noticed that quite a few of you are pretty handy with a pair of knitting needles!  I’ve chosen seven of my favorite knitted crafts to hopefully inspire you all to start in on your holiday shopping – if you’re like me and hopelessly behind already, some of these crafts could really save the day!

Hand Knit Boot Socks

Image © LupinLaneSupplies 2012

These skillfully-made hand knit boot socks from ArtFire seller LupinLaneSupplies are the perfect thing for the boot-wearing lady (or gentleman) in your family or among your friends!  I get the feeling that not only would these socks help keep your toes toasty warm out in the cold winter weather, they’d also be pretty fun to wear while just bumming around the house.

Key Lime/Spring Green Knit Hat and Scarf Set

Image © TwoArtisanSisters 2008

Thick-knit hats and scarves are always in style during the winter months, and this hat and scarf set from seller TwoArtisanSisters is quite chic indeed.  The craftsmanship of this set goes almost without saying, and I love the thought of wearing a cheerful key lime/spring green hat and scarf set in the middle of the more somber winter months.

Knitted Strawberry Tea Cosy

Image © LilBritknits 2009

My mom is a die-hard tea fan, so this adorable knitted strawberry tea cosy from seller LilBritknits is at the top of my list for her!  “Hand knitted to fit a medium sized 4-6 cup teapot,” according to the seller’s listing, this cosy is the perfect gift for the tea-lover (and strawberry-lover) in your life!

Cthulu Knit Mask

Image © n2ImaginationDesign 2012

Can you imagine the looks you would get out on the ski slopes when you come barrelling down the hill wearing this amazing Cthulu knit mask by seller n2ImaginationDesign?  I can, and the mental picture is absolutely hilarious.  And because this seller makes these fantastic masks to order, I’d have to request one in dark, swampy green to stay true to most depictions of this Lovecraftian monster.

Mobius Cowl Scarf

Image © PhylPhil 2010

I am so in love with this mobius cowl scarf from seller PhylPhil it’s ridiculous.  Knit cowl scarves are very hip in the city this winter, so if you’ve got a city-dweller in your family or among your friends that could use a little something to ward off the winter chill, this beautifully-stitched and very stylish scarf should help do the trick!

Knit Owl Hat

Image © craftevangelist 2010

Speaking of crafts from ArtFire sellers that I am completely in love with, this adorable knit owl hat by seller craftevangelist is officially on my holiday wish list this year.  Using buttons as the owl eyes gives this knit hat so much personality, and the stitching is wonderfully subtle – this hat will definitely get some heads turning to catch a second look!

Knit Baby Tux

Image © Catmother 2009

Knit baby tux.  Need I say more?  For the little gentleman in your life, this ridiculously cute knitted baby tuxedo by seller Catmother is completely charming, and it’ll keep your little one warm for the winter in style!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed these great gift ideas from the amazing knitters of ArtFire!

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  • Reply December 12, 2012

    Ruth Hirth

    Thank you so much for featuring our Key Lime/Spring Green Knitted Hat and Scarf set!

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