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New Custom Feed After Login

Introducing your personalized feed.  Explore new items and some fantastic finds.

This week saw the launch of a new page for all members that includes a custom feed of product and shop suggestions.  Suggestions are based on a combination of the types of products you’ve favorited, trends, and other interest indicators.  You can see this new page after logging in or when you click on the “Home” icon in the top menu bar.  As a Merchant you can always find a link to the My ArtFire Control Panel in the top navigation bar; currently the link is in the drop down menu that opens when you click on your name.

Out with the old, in with the new!

The biggest impact of this change is that we’ll no longer be sending shoppers to a non-shopping admin panel page every time they login.  The new custom feed page replaces the “My ArtFire Dashboard” as the default page you go to after logging in.
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.35.49 AM

The new Feed allows shoppers do more of what they like. Shop!

Farewell to Guilds

Sometimes an important change isn’t about what we add but what we remove.  Right now we’re focused on improving the core functionality of ArtFire; product discovery, checkout flow, order processing, shop setup and maintenance.  We also want to always provide great experiences to everyone who uses ArtFire, from first time visitors to die-hard merchants. When an experience on ArtFire is bad or broken, and it’s not part of our core functionality, we can’t fix it without diverting resources from what we should be focusing on.  In this case we’ve come to the hard but necessary conclusion that guilds should be retired.  While we love the idea of guilds and what they could be, we can’t invest the resources necessary to make them a great experience.  Access to guild pages will remain for approximately one week, afterwards we’ll be deprecating all features related to guilds. Thank you for your continued participation and contribution to the success of the ArtFire marketplace and community! Sincerely, John Jacobs, CEO

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