Let the camping fun begin with the help of Artfire

As you’ve seen in my past posts about camping, I’ve never really been a “camper.”   But, since having a child and with more on the way I’m warming up to an outing that our kids could enjoy. This is the perfect time for families to get out into nature and enjoy a camping trip.  Here are a few fun and practical items from Artfire for families to take with them on a camping trip. ESSENTIAL: Outdoor camping beeswax candle.  Only $7! Fun hat for protection from the sun and to use while fishing if you do that:)  $19.99 This is what would make camping fun for me!  Items like this Camping Serving Tray make it unique:) $25 Get the kids excited about the camping experience by watching the Peanuts camping episode.  This is a vintage McDonalds glass they can use before and after the trip to remind them of their special adventures with you:) $8.95 Another ESSENTIAL!  An all natural bug bite spritz.  $7  I would never go camping without a couple of these:) Who doesn’t need coffee for those early nature mornings?  Once again, this is vintage and I love that there is a set!  These days there are plugs everywhere and if you aren’t sure if there will be, get a hook up for your car.  $35 Everyone needs a compass when camping, right??:)  $15.99 LOVE this!  Great 1972 Coleman lantern for seeing at night when the campfire his died down.  $130 Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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