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Featured Maker: Ginger Hendrix

Ginger has been a part of the Maker Mentors community since the very beginning.  She is an advocate dedicated to encouraging makers to let go of financial gain for the sake of engendering greater creativity.  The picture above is the cover of her amazing book, Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life.  Don’t Wait!  You can buy her book here.  Or read her blog here.


Featured News:  Creative Business Challenge!

During the Maker Mentors Holiday conference, Kyla Roma shared a prompt with us that I thought would be useful for all of you.

Below is a fill-in-the-blank prompt designed to help you clarify and communicate the values and goals behind your business.

We believe that _______, People should take time to ________________, We will never _________________, The feeling we try to create is ______________, it’s important because _________________, Our business would get in a street fight _________.

I went ahead and filled this in with my vision for the Maker Mentors community.

“We believe that people deserve the opportunity to do work that they love.  People should take their time to figure out what that looks like for them as an individual.  We will never tell you to give up your art and get a day job.  The feeling we try to create is empowerment, it’s important because the journey of building a career you love can be overwhelming.  Our business would get in a street fight to protect your craft.”

Now I challenge you to complete this for your own business!

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