Marketing Advice for Internet Artisan Businesses

Hello friends, I am often asked how I managed to create a successful internet business selling my handmade soap on ArtFire and Etsy without online marketing experience. While I don’t use Etsy much due to the higher fees, my Artfire tips will apply to any selling venue.

Marketing Advice for Internet Artisan Businesses

I had never sold online before. I was a total newbie – I didn’t even know what an avatar or banner was and I had never taken a single product photograph. I opened my ArtFire studio in 2009. I have amassed well over three million views and shipped over 40,000 items from my online venues. Here is my advice to create a web presence for for a successful artisan business online.

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Not everything works for every seller, you need to experiment to see what works for you and what you enjoy doing. Personally, I only do a bare minimum of social media, I don’t do ads and I never offer discounts or sales. I work to determine consumer demand and adjust my product line to meet that demand.

I concentrate on building strong, relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, and Bing types of search engines. To do this you need to offer superb content filled product pages and good product photos that entice buyers to click. Most importantly, I have focused on building long term quality back links by creating a positive professional reputation as an expert in my field with my blogging, getting featured on related magazines, web sites, other blogs and conventions.

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Here are some marketing things that I do:

  1. Post in selling site forums to become an integral part of the community. On Artfire, your products show up and people click the photos. They will get to know you and possibly become customers or feature you on their blogs or social media sites. You also need to promote other sellers, it is the epitome of community involvement. It will raise the awareness of your product line and many will repay the favor.
  2. Create favorite lists, collections or treasuries. Other sellers are often happy to cross promote with you. Some post it to Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook which garners more views and exposure. Each treasury, list or collection usually results in many views. When the collection gets featured on the front page or daily email the views are in the hundreds. I have had a number of sales attributed to items being in collections that were in the daily email or front page.
  3. Participate in offsite forums. While I am a member of soap maker forums, those are not my target customer base, but I do offer my tutorials as a way to pay it forward to my fellow soapers. I never promote there but I offer advice and help. I always have my studio link in my signature. Establish yourself as an expert on your craft. It takes time to build a trusted reputation but it pays off as well. Find forums that do have your customer base – such as new mommy forums if you knit children’s clothing or beauty sites if you make bath and body products, etc. You don’t want to promote on forums, just become an active member of the community. However, do make sure to include your shop or contact information in your signature so others can find you if they want. You should not directly promote on or join spam sites, the only exception would be places that clearly identify promotional areas – it is acceptable to occasionally promote in those areas only.
  4. The blog is an amazing tool to drive traffic for months and years. I use blogger and the ArtFire blog. It is my first attempt at blogging. I post everything there – tutorials, product information, gardening, recipes, Polish holiday traditions etc.
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    I do maintain a level of professionalism even in the personal posts. I find great traffic is created for my studio from my blog posts. I track my incoming urls and get a lot of hits from my blog posts, and sales, too!

    Create content that people want to read. Submit the blog posts to crafting libraries and sites looking for good content to feature. Some of my tutorial posts have been picked up by dozens of online magazines, forums and other bloggers which has resulted in newspaper features and radio talk show invites. I have blog posts that are over 5 years old and still get daily incoming urls by the hundreds. That is the great advantage of blog posts over social media type posts, the blog posts are long term quality back links to your studio whereas social media sites usually move fast so it doesn’t generate traffic that literally lasts for years.

  6. Find free publicity. Submit your news to local papers, radio stations, and TV stations, give demonstrations of your craft, speak about internet selling to gatherings of artisans, offer classes. Capitalize on your expert reputation by agreeing to be a speaker/presenter. I attend symposiums, conventions, workshops and serve as a guest speaker for local organizations. Press releases provide free advertising. I make our newspaper at least 4 times a year. Make sure your web address is on your business cards.
  7. I have the link to my studio in all my email signatures, personal, office, ministry and soap related. My family and friends have the link to my studio in their email signatures, too. Their friends click through to see Jeanne’s sister’s soap and some send it along to their families. Word of mouth advertising is priceless.

  8. Discover Bath and Beauty on ArtFire

  9. For after the sale marketing, I have a one page brochure. The front is color photos of my favorite product shots, my full contact information – name, addresses, business name, website, phone, email, and list of general product categories. The back is the story of my bio and detailed information about my product line. I print them myself on a color copier. Every package gets a brochure, a business card and one of my Bonnie Bucks coupons for one dollar off their next purchase, as well as samples. Those samples are fantastic business builders and account for many return customers. They try it and love it so much they order more.
  10. Bonnie Bucks coupon for one dollar off next purchase

  11. I give lots of free samples to anyone who shows an interest. I have a Soapsmith license plate. When I am checking out with gallons of olive oil, someone makes a comment and I go into my story of making soap. Grocery stores, craft stores, the people in line behind me always get offered a sample, a Bonnie Bucks coupon and business card as well as the cashier. Word of mouth has built my business for over 3 decades. I give out hundreds of Bonnie Bucks every year.
  12. Find something like my Bonnie Bucks coupon to brand yourself. My coupon is memorable. People remember getting something that looks like money. They are 2 X 4 inches and I print them 10 to a page on green paper with a black copier. Donate your products to locate events – charities, reunions, new business openings, schools, chamber of commerce events. I always send along a stack of brochures, business cards and Bonnie Bucks with every basket . I ask that they be placed next to my basket on the display table so attendees can take them home for future reference.
  13. Even though I have strong traffic and high sales volumes, I challenge myself to find room for improvement. I don’t like posting to social media, but I do a little because it is an important part of maintaining a strong internet presence. My latest efforts are to learn how to do a few product videos for YouTube to see if it positively impacts my online business. Have you done any videos? They are brand new to me, a casual computer user at best, but I found them pretty easy to make. The ones I make now are leaps and bounds better than the ones I made earlier. If my data show that they had little impact, then I won’t spend much more time on them but will leave with an increased knowledge base.
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  15. Always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Your reputation depends on it. Even on off site forums, I always behave in a manner that reflects my business philosophy.
  16. Make yourself accessible to potential customers. I offer my contact information including phone contact, email, website, address on everything – business cards, coupons, brochures, bios, about me pages. I sell dozens of items every month via the phone because some people don’t like shopping online and greatly appreciate the ability to speak to me in person – great relationships are developed with personal contact.
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  18. I suggest getting your own domain name and using that everywhere you can. It is smart business sense to create a presence on multiple venues. There are a myriad of selling sites from ArtFire, Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon to stand alone websites and free sites that you can set up and easily link to the venue of your choice. With your own domain name, you control where your buyers make their purchases no matter where they find you, as you direct all traffic to the site of your choice.
  19. I recently set up a stand alone Wix site. No matter where you sell, it is a great idea to have options. At any time, venues can change, raise rates, close down, enter into partnerships that no longer support your product line and so on. By having your own domain name, you can simply point your customer base anywhere without losing your precious back links. Mine is

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  20. The key is to KNOW what works for you. Compile data on your site visitors, views and sales figures. Analyze the information and act on it. If you are marketing, how is that working for you? If it isn’t, then cut back on the time you spend on particular activity that isn’t producing good results and focus that time on something different to find out if you have better results elsewhere.
  21. What works for me might not work for you. Other artisans find success with the things that I choose not to do. Some have amazing results with social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Wanelo or with paid ads. If you are willing to try paid ads, take advantage of programs offered by your selling venue. ArtFire had the Google Boost that works well for sponsored ads in Google Shopping. There is no right or wrong answer – you have to discover your path to profitability.

  22. Building a vibrant presence on Google, Yahoo, and Bing types of search engines is vital for success. Find out their rules and follow them. Avoid things that will get your listings downgraded. Major search engines want to offer content that answers searches so capitalize on content filled pages that features great images and offers varied key words that are relevant to your products. When Google offers your link to someone and they click on that link, you want them to stay on the page. Google rewards that so the next time someone uses that same keyword, Google will rank your item higher. As long as you are providing content that people want, you will be elevated in search results. Quality, content filled, rich language with applicable keywords without stuffing is nectar for the google gods – feed them!

Long term back links are highly valued so build them as much as you can with blog posts, articles, and urls offered on other sites that are relevant to your products and product videos, social media links can help, too. You want to demonstrate your value on many different areas of the internet. 75% of my sales come via Google types of search engines.

Three things for any profitable enterprise:

Sell a product that consumers want to purchase. Tailor your product line to consumer demand. I sell what people want to buy, not what I want to sell. Using your data research will guide you in market direction. Use those facts!

Sell those products at a price that justifies the quality and affords a reasonable profit for you.

Get your items seen by the customers that are searching for them. Follow the professional advice for search engine optimization (SEO) to get found – 75% of my sales come from search engines. Marketing & SEO is the way to accomplish the third piece of the puzzle of internet selling.

Soapsmith Business Advice Quote by Lisa Suttora

Wishing you success!


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