Mason Jar Madness

When I was a kid, my mom would reserve one Saturday every year during the early summer to brew up a gigantic batch of homemade strawberry jam, and when I struck out on my own, I inherited quite a few mason jars full of jam to take with me to my first apartment. The jam, of course, vanished long ago, but I’ve used the jars for a random assortment of things since, and I’ve always loved their rustic appeal. My world was rocked after a recent discovery where I discovered that just about every beverage tastes better when it’s in a mason jar instead of a regular glass, and since this revolution, I’ve kind of gone a little mason-jar-crazy. I thought I’d spread the good word here on Nosh, so here are a few really cool mason jar craft DIY tutorials that have recently caught my eye! Hope you guys enjoy!

Mason Jar Pincushion

Image Courtesy of Flickr user faylestar

This adorable pincushion doubles as a button jar, which would make it pretty handy for all you talented sewing fans out there! The tutorial is really easy to follow, and I thought this would be a great use for those littler mason jars that aren’t easy to find a good use for. This is definitely on my list of great crafts to make as gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Christmas.

Vintage Lace Votives

Image Courtesy of Flickr user Annab00

These vintage lace votives could not possibly be any easier to make, and look at how gorgeous they are on a mantelpiece! Simply choose your wrap (lace or twine are equally great choices here), cut it to size, wrap it around the jar, adhere in place using craft glue (I’m a fan of Mod Podge), place a candle inside, and boom! You’re finished!

Mason Jar Spout

Image Courtesy of The Cheese Thief

I’ve used mason jars to hold various baking ingredients before, but it had never even crossed my mind to make them pour-friendly using the spout from a Morton salt container. Making this awesome container is super easy – simply cut the top off of a Morton salt container, cut it to fit the top of whichever jar you choose to use, remove the spout using pliers, glue on a piece of colorful wrapping paper or fabric, put the spout back on, and fill the jar with your ingredient of choice!

Soap Dispenser

Image Courtesy of

This mason jar soap dispenser is a little more complicated than other projects in this post, but if you’re comfortable with power tools and mixing a good epoxy, this tutorial from Heather Bullard will be a piece of cake.

Glow-In-The-Dark Firefly Jars

Image Courtesy of Curbly’s Chrisjob

The easiest tutorial of all in this post is, in my opinion, the coolest. To make these glow-in-the-dark firefly jars, literally all you have to do is buy glow-in-the-dark paint, flick it into the mason jars of your choice, and let it dry. I think these would be really cool as backyard party decorations, or maybe as a nightlight for a kid’s room! Hope this DIY round-up gives you all some ideas for those mason jars you just have lying around, and if there are any tutorials you think should have made this list, let us know in the comments!


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