Meet Matt “Ratchett” Rios

A true maker & the newest addition to the Maker House Team

As Program Manager, Matt will make sure that everything that will be going on at Maker House flows smoothly.

Matt Rios at Maker House

Matt Rios at Maker House

Matt is a perfect fit for Maker House, Matt is Maker House. He’s a metalworker, graphic artist, moped enthusiast & organizer of chaos.  
One of Matt's metal work creations. Metal Squid.

One of Matt’s metal work creations. Metal Squid.

  Get to know more about him in this video interview!


  • Reply August 14, 2013

    Jim Juris

    Wonderful video interview of Matt. I think that he will be a excellent program manager for Maker House because he has a terrific imagination.

    The Metal Squid sculpture that Matt created is fantastic.

  • Reply August 24, 2013


    Go Matt, Go Matt. Kudos to the people that recognized Matt as perfect for the MakerHouse program manager position! I enjoyed this video mucho. shop owner:

  • Welcome, Matt! I agree with Jim, the meal squid is fabulous!

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