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Let ArtFire show you how to turn some of those useless souvenirs into  priceless family treasures!

Do you ever wonder why you collected so many seashells at the beach?  Or what you are going to do with all those pinecones from your last camping trip?  Or how about how to use some of your favorite photos from this year’s family vacation?  These creative crafts will help you turn these souvenirs into holiday keepsakes that you will treasure forever.

Seashell Stars


  • “Cone” seashells (5 per star)
  • “Round” seashell (1 per star)
  • Hot glue & glue gun
  • Ribbon

Take your 5 cone/corkscrew seashells and dry set them into a star shape.  (The wide side of the shells will form the center of your star.) Once you have them set, hot glue the shells in place.  When your glue is set, pick up your star and fill in any gaps you see with more hot glue to make sure the shells are secure.  Once this round of glue is dry, glue your round/fan shell to the center. This gives your star a more finished look as well as covers up any extra glue that may not look very pretty.  Cut a 3”+ piece of ribbon and glue both end to the back of one of your star points to give you a way to hang your new ornament.

Pinecone Wreaths


  • LOTS of pinecones in all shapes and sizes
  • Foam wreath
  • Hot glue and glue gun

This project is super simple.  All you need to do is gather a ton of pinecones and hot glue them to a foam wreath frame.  It is really that simple. It’s fun to use all different shapes and sizes which also helps to cover up all of the visible foam.  If you want to get extra fancy, you can spray paint a few pinecones with metallic paint or glitter (before gluing them on).

Photo Cubes


  • 6- 2”x2” photos (all 6 can fit on one 4×6 photo if cropped correctly)
  • 2” wooden cube
  • Small eyelet screw
  • Glue
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Scissors

This is one of my favorite gifts to make for myself and my family members!  The hardest part is finding the 6 photos you want to use. If you have access to a photo editing program such as Photoshop, you can select your 6 photos, crop them to 2”x2”, and then copy and paste them side-by-side into one 4×6” photo.  If you do not have access to a photo editing program, be sure to think about the fact that you will need to cut your photos into 2” squares. After cutting your photos to the correct size, glue each one onto the wooden cube and let them dry.  Once they are completely dry, paint the cube with Mod Podge. Do your best to paint it on smoothly so you do not have streaks over the photos. I prefer to paint 3 sides at a time and letting those dry before doing the other 3 sides. This way you don’t have to worry about touching the wet Mod Podge.  Allowing at least one full day to set, make sure the sealant is completely dry before screwing in the eyelet screw. I prefer putting the screw into a corner so that way the cube spins and you can see all the photos.

These simple crafts, that incorporate items from your favorite outings, will quickly become some of your most prized possessions.  Just imagine the memories that you will relive every time you open your holiday decorations!  

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