Merchant News – Listing Variations & Tags

The long-awaited Product Variants are almost here!

This update is in testing now and will be pushed lived next week.  With this feature you’ll be able to add variations of item properties such as style, type, length, width, height and more and combine similar inventory items in a single listing.  The new variations are found under the Properties section of the listing page and can be added for any of your existing items.

ArtFire pays Google each time your items are clicked on in a Google Shopping search result and we expect to see a slight improvement in search placement with the inclusion of these new properties as Google rewards exact search matches that include variants and attributes with improved rankings.

This feature will not be available on Ad Supported accounts or Locked Legacy accounts, but can be quickly added to your account at any time by upgrading your account type.  Merchants with a Locked Legacy account will be offered the Legacy Option for a short period of time to take advantage of this new feature.  If merchants downgrade at any point to an Ad Supported account, variations will be automatically removed from items.

Variations can either affect the price of the item or have the same price as the original listing.  Shoppers can now select from your available item variations right on the item which makes for a more convenient shopping experience.

Standardized Product Tags

Product Tags are also in development and testing and are expected to be introduced in the next week.  These tags are a combination of auto-generated, suggested and custom item descriptors that enhance search results and the shopper discovery process.  Tags will be displayed on item pages are are clickable quick links for shoppers.

You can add tags to your existing items which allow your items to be included in more tag searches and on tag specific inboard search pages.  Tags will also be used in our marketing efforts, in newsletters, blog posts and articles.  Merchants are able to add up to five custom tags per item and shoppers will see up to 14 tags on an item.

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