Monday Morning Procrastination

5 Things For Young Professionals To Consider

Image source: Ceclia Sánchez Sánchez

Image source: Ceclia Sánchez Sánchez via flickr

On a manic Monday, the last thing anyone wants to do is dive headfirst into piling paperwork from the weekend…especially from a very good weekend.
With Carl Barks in mind (a.k.a. the man behind the well-known quote):
Work smarter – not harder.

I’ve compiled a list of interesting yet productive things (for young professionals) to consider…all the while procrastinating and feeling productive to get ahead of the game.

  1. Call-up your Britney Spears! Meaning, get in touch with someone who has the life or job you aspire for.  Even if you’re not on a familiar basis with them, shoot them an email and coerce with them with coffee…or in my case a dance party.  Get the conversation going!  People enjoy talking about their accomplishments.  It’s a great way to gain some field knowledge and advice – in addition to networking!
  2. Learn that Party Trick So…your competition has all the necessary skills and experience for the job (as do you).  Without bedazzling your resume, consider how you will stand out from the rest.  Develop unique skills that are differently desirable-like that party trick you’ve been meaning to master.  Be the person with personality!
  3. Get a Mentor Befriend someone who is more experienced within your industry.  Going-along with tip #1, gaining respect and industry insight is extremely valuable to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into…and further opportunities to get into it!
  4. Impress Yourself If you daydream about achieving something “one day”…ask yourself “am I doing anything that’s impressive right now?”  If not, step it up and get some swag.  What are you doing today to set yourself apart and align yourself with those goals?
  5. Scheme…a little plan Life’s short – therefore plan a little bit.  Jot ideas down.  Where do you want to be in 5 years time…better yet – how are you going to get there?  *Disclaimer: the results may scare you if you’re ambitious considering there are steps you need to take now to stay on schedule!
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