Music to make the summer even more fun

As summer quickly approaches, you should make sure you are prepared for sitting back and relaxing.  And music and celebration go hand in hand.  Here is the music you should have ready for your summer getaways no matter what you are doing (going near or far:): 1. Will Smith’s AKA The Fresh Prince, Summertime will always be a classic song for summer. 2.  Burl Ives Summer Magic, all of the songs from this movie just makes you want to sit back and have a glass of lemonade. 3.  Bruno Mars is what summer is all about…he just makes you feel happy and like taking a towel and heading to the beach.  The Lazy Song is the best for weekends:) 4.  I saw this song listed as a summer playlist song recommended by Refinery 29.  Just like the sound of the song…and it’s called Harvest Moon, how appropriate?:)  This song makes me want to go for a drive with the windows down. 5.  This song feels very disco.  It’s called Saturday Night…I think it’s the perfect song to get ready for a fun summer night out. 6.  Good Charlotte, Last Night…for the next day when you are getting over the huge summer parties:) 7.  A beautiful song for you to dance with your summer sweetheart, Lady Antebellum, We Owned the Night.  You always need a romantic signature song for the summer and this is it:) What music will be on your summer playlist?

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