National S’mores Day Just Passed!

  On August 10th…I didn’t know about it until recently.  But, I figured we can still celebrate, right?  Plus, national marshmallow toasting day is coming on August 30th…so these s’mores can be perfect to celebrate that day as well:)  There are so many fun ways to have a s’more these days.  I have a few versions that are my favorite and wanted to share.  How do you have your s’mores?  Plus, s’mores go beyond camping these days.  Yes, it’s fun to have that as a part of your outing.  But, they are also fun on beach trips and when you are at home by the fire, or by the stove top:) -My recent must-have s’more I found on the Design Sponge/Anthropologie camping DIY newspaper that has so many fun tips!  Get this, you make the s’more with NUTELLA!  Need I say more?  I will go on:)  What you need: Graham Crackers, Nutella, Marshmallow and raspberries.  It’s just divine! PEANUT BUTTER CUP S’MORES BARS: Doesn’t this just sound wonderful!?  And look AMAZING too!  My mouth is totally watering:) -This cake just does it for me!  I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this…have you?  Ultimate S’More Anniversary Cake -I think I’m going to make this next!  It’s so HOT in Arizona and this will be perfect to get the mix of what you are wanting from a s’more and work with the weather:)  Frosty S’more Cups   Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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