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Networking = Speed Dating…IRL

Photo by Elisa Paolini via flickr

Photo by Elisa Paolini via flickr

Scratching your head at the thought of networking?  Silly millennials, networking is like speed dating!  But, yikes that thought isn’t necessarily pleasing either…

Check-out my tips to knock two birds with one stone (#havingitall)!
  1. Create Event-Specific Goals Attending a networking event or conference without a plan is a waste of your strut and time!  Without a plan you will gravitate towards familiar faces and never allow yourself the opportunity to see what if….but not this time!
  2. Identify & Facebook Screen Potentials After goals comes the creep aka figuring out who can help you reach those goals.  Most meet n’ greets have a list of attendees published in a public space.  Why not skim the list?  After all, you wouldn’t go on a blind date without Googling the guy-right?
  3. Establish Your Presence
    • Show your target you’re worth knowing But to do so, you need to make sure you believe in yourself! Know how to pitch yourself.
    • As with dating, dinner trumps drinks If you get the chance to grab dinner and a convo with someone you’ve had your eye on – do it!  We’ll discuss wardrobe later *wink.
    • Try to get contact info not available online People usually have several email accounts – get the one they actually check!  Better yet, become Facebook buddies.
  4. Follow Up Silence after a successful date gives the impression you’re uninterested – no?  In  this case, it means your face will become lost in the crowd.  Send a brief email refresher of the interesting convo you had.  Once they reply, you’re set to continue your relationship…you sly dog.
Stay tuned for more advice from Ashley Voss.

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