New Mobile Responsive ArtFire Stores

Improved functionality and a new responsive design for all devices.


Updated 10/28/14

This information comes directly from our Site Announcements Forum.

Already Changed:

  • Shop Sections Management The link for managing shop sections is in MyArtFire under the “Studio” tab.  Sections are managed in a similar manner as before.
  • Photo Size Recommendations Large photos can make use of the “Click to Zoom” function that is enabled for all sellers now.  Portrait orientations can work well in the new design.
  • Visual Catalog This is an alternate “shop home” display method.  This option is turned on/off via the sections page:
  • Seller Tools on Item Page Added seller tools back to the item page.
  • Similar/Related Items on Item Page Added “similar” items to bottom of many item pages, t his shows a random set of items that match the current items seller section.
  • Click to Zoom Zoom option fixed and moved to the corner of product image so that longer captions don’t affect the zoom icons layout.When enabled, the items on your shop’s home page are replaced with image links to your sections, the main image is taken from the most recently listed product in a section.

Changes Coming For:

  • Banners 10/28/2014 – Options added for custom image background and custom text. 10/7/2014 – Banner can be managed via “Header Background” page under the Studio tab in MyArtFire: The color option can be used by itself or, if a pattern is selected, the color option will only affect the background color behind your shop’s name.
  • Avatar 10/7/2014 – Avatar can be added or changed via My Avatar page under the Studio tab in MyArtFire:
  • Social Media Buttons 10/14/2014 – Neutral colors and resolved issues with Facebook using the Favorite logo. 10/10/2014 – Added social sharing options to item pages, currently looking at colors and may tone down or use gray versions of the sharing logos.
  • Catalog vs Sections vs Categories This language choice is being reviewed along with analytics for customer behavior that has been tracked so far.
  • Market Hub Coming back in some form, may  not be a priority for the holiday shopping season.

Fixes Coming For:

  • Collections 10/13/2014 – Added “User Action” area for adding items to collection queue for logged in users.

Under Review:

  • Rearrange Shop The “Merchandizer” rearrange shop function will not come back for now.  Recently listed, or edited vs most popular items (views) will be looked at as shop sorting methods.  We’re also reviewing visual section/catalog image navigation.
  • Widgets Custom widgets will not work with a responsive design. That space has been removed.
Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated 10/2/14

It’s the second day of the new site rollout and lots of questions have been asked, concerns have been addressed on both the forums and social media channels.  We realize some things are a bit clunky around the site but there is still work being done and we appreciate the input being put forth by both sellers and buyers. Now to address some of the most common concerns: 
  • The banner: We will be updating the banner as soon as we can to allow for a bit of customization, the current banner is a temporary placeholder while we work out the new options.
Current placeholder banner.

Current placeholder banner.

  • Social Media Sharing Buttons: They will be back. The Facebook and such buttons will be back. Our Front End developer is still working on tightening up the new site but all the social media sharing options will be back. So no need to worry about that.
  • Shop Customization: Shops will not be as customizable as before because the new layout was specifically designed to promote more shoppers on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs alike because it is optimized to change from screen to screen.  No need to fret though, the banner option will allow for some customization, like mentioned above.
Open An ArtFire Webstore from ArtFire on Vimeo. —————————————————————– Updated 10/1/14 The wait is over and the new system layout for the Front End of ArtFire and the new mobile responsive design is here! Looks pretty good don’t you think? We want to thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning and to our new sellers, ArtFire wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you.  Half of ArtFire is the community, in the forums and on social media.  Thanks again for all your patience through out this upgrade process and we hope you enjoy the new site!
New look of the ArtFire homepage

New look of the ArtFire homepage

Hours Left: 0

3 days left (1)

Starting this October 1st, ArtFire is launching a completely new responsive shopping experience for shoppers on mobile devices.  With over 40% of this year’s holiday shopping projected to occur on mobile devices, this major site upgrade will increase sales for all sellers by as much as 35% over current sales rates.  This improvement has been one of our biggest requests from buyers and sellers alike.
Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.35.34 PM

Preview of the new look coming in October

New No-Cost Legacy Account Features

What is a Legacy Account?

Every ArtFire seller before October 1st, 2014 is considered a “Legacy” account holder.  On October 1st, we’re including the Convenience Feature Pack for all current ArtFire sellers at no additional cost.  These features include access to: copy listing, click-to-zoom, order search and auto-cancel refunded (paypal) orders.

Sunsetting Select Features:

Themer, Merchandizer, Banners & Custom Widgets

Moving ArtFire to an updated and responsive design means that a few features will have to be discontinued to better adapt to new technologies.  When the new design launches in October the following features will be affected:
  • Themer – Shops will no longer have color, font, and layout options.  The layout of your shop will change depending on the size of your customer’s screen size.
  • Merchandizer – The Merchandizer, used for setting the exact order of a shop, will no longer be accessible.  We’ll be reviewing and offering alternate shop ordering methods while Merchandizer is reviewed for future iterations.
  • Banners – The current 1000×200 pixel banner is being replaced by a banner that uses a high resolution product image.  You’ll be given the option to choose which product photo is featured in your shop’s banner.  This will allow your banner to adapt to any screen size on the fly.
  • Custom Widgets – Custom widgets will be changing to supported widgets.  Popular shop widgets will be made available, however, the ability to use custom coded widgets will not be supported as widgets will need to change size and location depending on the device the shopper is using to access your shop.
These features are changing because they are closely tied to the old design.  They cannot be supported at the the same time that the new responsive design is rolled out.  As we continue to develop on the new responsive platform these tools may be adapted to fit the needs of today’s mobile shopper.

The improvements we’re releasing will help all sellers be more successful, improve views and sales conversions.  With more responsive technology, feature upgrades and an improved shopping experience, ArtFire is able to deliver the very best artisan shopping experience for our sellers and their customers.


October 1st, rates for new sellers will start at $20/month.

As an online marketplace we (and ultimately the sellers on ArtFire) can’t compete with “the big guys” if we’re only focused on the low price of our site.  We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to maintain a low cost online selling platform for our members and as we add more functionality and enhance our offerings, the cost of delivering our services increases and must be adjusted from time to time.
“We prefer to add value when asking our new customers to pay more and this October, we’re doing just that.” says John Jacobs, CEO

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.06.22 PM

That being said, as a part of this major re-launch, our standard rate will increase to $20/month on October 1st.  When you sign up for a new account or reactivate a seller account before September 30th you will enjoy all the new responsive functionality at the lower legacy rates of just $12.95/month.  This is our way of saying thank you for all of your support and participation over the years as ArtFire has grown. The improvements we’re releasing shortly will help all sellers be more successful, improve views and sales conversions, and are needed to maintain the competitiveness of the site.  With more responsive technology, feature upgrades and an improved shopping experience we look forward to a successful holiday season and a strong 2015. Don’t miss your chance at a legacy account and get yours today by clicking on the link below.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.55.42 PM

Legacy Account Benefits


  • All legacy accounts (any account created before 10/1/2014) will remain on a legacy pricing scheme.  Most rates are no longer locked for life, however, increases are few and far between.  We have never raised prices on any legacy account level in our history.  Legacy prices will always be lower than current rates for new sellers.

Free Feature Upgrade

  • Beginning in October 2014 the convenience Feature Pack will be enabled for all shops.  Any existing feature pack subscriptions will be ended.  This includes click to zoom for photos, order search tools, the ability to copy an item and other top seller features.  The feature pack will be included in the price for new sellers, however, legacy sellers will also receive all of these features without paying extra for as long as their shop remains active.

Advertisement Free Shop

  • Legacy accounts are guaranteed to remain advertising free.  As the new mobile responsive ArtFire develops, advertising programs may be added to new accounts as a way to better serve shoppers and to fund new initiatives.


We thank you for your continued support!


The ArtFire Team

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