No Sew Fall Gnomes

I love gnomes!  And so does everyone who comes to my house and sees them.  These little guys make great gifts and add instant cheer to any room in the home.

Here’s what you will need:


  • Craft cone or old wine bottle (used for the body)
  • Seasonal Fabric (for the clothes)
  • Felt or fleece (for the hat)
  • Poly fill (to stuff the hat and arms)
  • Wooden balls (for hands and nose)
  • Faux fur (for beard)
  • Do-dads (all the fun stuff you will decorate with)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting mat

Step 1

Select & Dress the Body- I love my gnomes in all different shapes and sizes.  I also love saving money.  Craft cones make the perfect gnome body, but they can also add up in cost pretty quick.  I have learned that old wine and soda bottles make a great alternative to craft cones.  No matter what you decide to use for your body, step 1 is dressing your gnome.  I like to wrap the body in the fabric, cut it to size, and then hot glue it to the body.  I also like to tack any extra fabric to the top of the cone/bottle so it is fairly snug.

Step 2

Add a Beard- Beards give your gnomes a lot of their character.  You can have long beards, short beards, braided beards, wonky beards (some of the longer furs can be glued “upside down” so they look a little wild).  Play around with different colors and lengths until you find the perfect fit.  When cutting your beard, place the faux fur fur side down on a cutting mat.  Use your utility knife to score the back of the fabric and then pull it apart.  You do not want to cut all the way through because it will give the fut a “chopped” look rather than a flowy look.  Glue your beard to your body.

Step 3

Pick Your Nose- Not like that!  Again, noses give your gnomes a lot of character.  Try out small noses, big noses, and in between noses.  You will know which one is right when you see it.  You will want to glue your nose half way on the fur and half way on the body.  Depending on the type of hat you make, you may want to add a tiny strip of fur above the nose so that you do not see underlying fabric later on.

Step 4

Make Your Hat- If you want a hat that stands straight up, felt is a great material to use.  If you want a hat that flops over, I recommend using fleece.  To make the perfect fitting hat, I wrap the base of my fabric around my gnome and mark it.  I then decide how tall I want my hat to be and mark that.   You will now find where the middle of your width of fabric meets the mark you just made for the height.  The easiest way to do this is to fold your fabric in half width-wise, and mark the spot where your fold line meets your desired height.  Using your ruler, mark a line from the center point that you just found, to each corner.  This will give you a triangle that can now be rolled into a cone shape.  Now, CAREFULLY glue the long edges together, starting at the top and working your way down to the base.  You should now have a cone shape that will be your hat!  If the shape is off a little bit, use your scissors to trim the fabric.  If you are having a tall hat you will want to use the poly fill to stuff it and then glue the hat to the body making sure that it sits a little scrunchy on top of your gnome’s nose.

Step 5

Add Arms (optional)- Some of my gnomes have arms, some don’t.  This is totally up to you.  If you want to make arms you can do so by cutting a narrow strip of fabric and gluing it into a tube.  Fill the tube with poly fill (I use a pencil to shove it in the fabric tube).  Slide one end of the tube under the beard, decide how long you want your arm, and cut.  Make a matching arm for the other side.  Glue a small wooden ball at one end of each tube to make the hands. Hot glue the arms just under each side of the beard.  You can call it a day or you can have your gnome be holding something. Again, this is entirely up to you.

Step 6

Embellish to your Heart’s Content- At this point you can be done, or you can add embellishments to your gnome.  You can glue any number of items onto the body or the hat: pom-poms, bells, fabric cutouts, ribbon, flowers, anything you like!

 We hope you have found some creative inspiration and have fun crafting your own gnomes!

Happy Crafting!

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