Nuts for Nutella

The ever-popular chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, infamous for adding a new level of decadence to desserts and treats. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes featuring Nutella spread: cookies, quickbreads, cakes, sweet drinks and more! Nutella has been around since 1963, but it seems only in the past 5 to 10 years has this delicious spread gained so much popularity. In certain areas, Asian supermarkets and grocery stores were carrying it long before domestic shops saw Nutella arrive on their shelves. But now the secret is out: there’s nothing quite like the sweet-but-not-too-sweet mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts that melts on your tongue Some of these recipes are sure to use up a whole container, so make sure you have some extra on hand in case of a Nutella emergency. If you’d rather go for the gusto and make your own spread from scratch, beĀ sure to check out the last but not least in our list of delicious: definitive instructions on how to make your own chocolate hazelnut spread at home. Put it on your cheesecake, put it in your latte, mix it into a milkshake — the possibilities are endless!

Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies via A Dance for 5

Starting things off with a classic: Nutella brownies from A Dance for 5! These scrumptious little squares are a satisfying twist on the old standby, and an easy way to dip your toes into getting creative with baked goods. The Nutella in this recipe will add nuttiness and richness that plain cocoa powder struggles to provide. For a bigger twist, you can add your own crushed hazelnuts to add a great crunchy texture!  

Nutella Popsicles

Nutella Popsicles from Rumkihn Crafts

Two ingredients in this delectable Nutella popsicle recipe from Rumkihn Crafts. It can also be considered a kind of ice cream, but it actually doesn’t have any extra dairy in it. Even though Summer’s hold is finally giving way to Fall, these sound too good to skip. The best part of this recipe? It’s low-calorie, which for a recipe that calls for Nutella is pretty impressive!

Waffle Sandwich Cookies with Nutella Filling

Nutella Waffle Sandwich Cookies via Just a Taste

This recipe comes from a happy accident in the kitchens of Just a Taste: waffle sandwich cookies with a Nutella spread filling. The batter comes from a waffle cone recipe that was repurposed for the sake of cookies, and in a flash of inspiration, voila! Nutella sandwich cookies were invented. šŸ™‚ The cookies themselves were made on a panini press, which explains the ruffle pattern, but you could certainly make these in a real waffle press, or maybe a George Foreman grill? Hmm, time to experiment!  

Nutella Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting

Nutella Cupcakes with buttercream frosting via My Baking Addiction

Start with a chocolate cupcake, fill the middle with a mouthful of Nutella deliciousness, and top off with Nutella buttercream frosting. What do you get? This rich dessert recipe for Nutella cupcakes from My Baking Addiction! The little hunks of chocolate candy each one is topped with are simply pieces of chocolate hazelnut candybar broken up and used as edible garnish.  

Nutella No-Bakes

Nutella No-Bake Cookies from Kadydid Designs

If you’re the kind of person who eatsĀ Nutella right out of the jar, might we suggest mixing it with a few other ingredients first? These Nutella no-bake cookies from Kadydid Designs include peanut butter for an extra-rich no-bake cookie experience. If you have a spareĀ 15 minutes, a jar of Nutella and access to a stove, these are quick and easy to whip up whenever Ā a Nutella craving strikes you and you’re too embarrassed to eat it straight from a spoon!

Brioche Nutella Buns with Maple Glaze

Brioche Nutella Buns via Souvlaki For The Soul

Very similar in design and texture to what Australians will know as coffee scrolls, these brioche Nutella buns from Souvlaki for the Soul will hit a few of your cravings at all once: Nutella, cinnamon, maple glaze, and soft yeast bread. Sticky and delicious, we would pair these with your morning coffee for a Nutella pick-me-up before work or school. šŸ™‚  

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate made with Nutella via The Hungry Housewife

The Hungry Housewife offers up one of our favorite Fall/Winter sipping drinks. One sip of this sweet, nutty, chocolatey cocoa and all your worries will melt away. What a perfect holiday drink: warms you up and melts your worries away! The accent is the handmade whipped cream, which is a simple but elegant addition that you must not skip if you go to the (minimal) trouble to make this. From scratch is cheaper and will taste better than anything you can buy in an aerosol can!  

Make Your Own Homemade Hazelnut Spread

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Recipe via Beyond the Plate

Beyond the Plate brings us a delicious homemade spread recipe.Ā While the spread itself is at its essence a simple hazelnut butter, sugar and cocoa mixture, this recipe adds a pinch of this and that to really punch up the flavors and makes the earthy, nutty flavor of the hazelnut linger on your palate.Ā In place of the traditional cocoa powder, this recipe calls for cacao nibs, as well as a pinch of ground espresso. Dark chocolate fans take note, your sweet tooth might just fall in love!


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