Olympics Inspiration

I keep hearing everyone talking about the coming Olympics, as well as the current trials to see who will represent the U.S.  I’m not going to necessarily share anything about the sports aspect here, but there is so much to draw from with the coming events that I thought I’d share some of my inspiration. Sporty styling: As you can see from the Paris street style above, sporty style doesn’t need to be sweats anymore. There are so many ways to incorporate the sporty edge into your look and still look sleek and stylish. I love the idea of adding a veil to a sun visor and taking the tennis inspired look to another level. Or making basic sweats look more edgy with fun heels and a classic handbag instead of wearing sneakers and a backpack. Metallics: Let’s just think of the medals that everyone will be winning. You can use metallics in any part of your style, but I really like the idea of metallic nail polish. ESSIE has a new line out and my favorite metallic shade is “Pennytalk” which can be incorporated into any look. It’s not too over the top. Inspiration for your workout wear: I think it’s also fun to watch what each athlete is wearing since they are representing a label like Nike or Adidas. Workout wear should be fun and reflect your style, and make you want to go and workout each day. Why not be inspired by what each athlete is wearing and go and find something that reflects the Olympics? London: I always think it’s fun to see where the Olympics will take place and find out more new, fun, and interesting things about the location. Keep watching on shows like the Today Show for fun facts about London. I know I will!

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