Unique Holiday Traditions Around the World

As December 25th draws closer and closer, friends and family around the world are prepping for the holiday in some pretty awesome and unique ways. Here in the United States, we’ve got our own set of holiday traditions ranging from hanging stockings up in front of the fireplace to decorating Christmas trees. In other places around the world, though, traditions can be pretty different from ours!

White Elephant Gifts

Over the last few years, I’ve participated in a bunch of different white elephant gift exchanges. I love walking away from them with an item I loved and never would have thought to buy for myself. Or an item that makes me laugh! I’ve decided to comb through Artfire and find some unique little gifts that might pleasantly surprise someone at your white elephant gift exchange!

Fabulous Holiday Gifts with Next-Day Shipping

Have you ever woken up one morning about a week and a half away from Christmas and realized that in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you’ve put off actually buying and shipping your gifts until the last minute? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! This belated gift-buying frenzy hits many people during the holiday season, which is why a lot of online retailers tend to offer special deals for accelerated shipping.

Unique Soaps on Artfire

One of my favorite holiday gifts, especially for those hard-to-shop-for friends and relatives, is unique, handmade soaps. Everybody’s got a guest bathroom or two to furnish, and laying out some creative soaps for display and use goes a long way towards making your house a home for everyone that visits!

Knit Gifts for the Holidays!

I’ve noticed that quite a few of you are pretty handy with a pair of knitting needles! I’ve chosen seven of my favorite knitted crafts to hopefully imspire you all to start in on your holiday shopping – if you’re like me and hopelessly behind already, some of these crafts could really save the day!

Great Artfire Gifts Under $20

There are about a bazillion cute things on Artfire, and lot of them are definitely priced in a great range for holiday shoppers on a budget. Here is a random smattering of awesome items you can find on Artfire for under 20 dollars.

Cold Nights? Hot Chocolate!

I love hot chocolate all year round, but this time of year is the best for this delicious drink. So I got to thinking… why stick with the same ole’ same ole’ hot chocolate? Why not experiment a little? I’ve collected a few different recipes that may replace the usual for you and your family!

Unique Decorations: Artfire Crafts!

There are so many wonderful crafts on this website, it was really difficult for me to choose just this small handful to showcase. But I’ve decided to pick out a few crafts that would make great (and unique) decorations for your home, or as a gift for someone on Christmas!

Gifts In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are simple to put together and look great. These ideas are especially good for those of us who have a fairly limited budget, but would still love to make something for friends and family.

A Dose of Wanderlust

Wanderlust strikes us all from time to time, and especially in the gloomier months of the year, it’s hard to resist popping open Expedia to see what escapes they’re currently offering. I decided to round up some pictures of places far and near to share with you all – places that are beautiful, haunting, exciting, and everything a sufferer of wanderlust needs to get through their Friday!

Advents and Ornaments

The First of December is rapidly approaching, and that means it’s time to start unpacking, buying, or making your holiday decorations! I’ve picked out two holiday items that might be fun to create alone, or with family and friends.

A Feast Fit for a… Hobbit?

Fans of Middle Earth rejoice! Last night heralded the premiere of the long-awaited first installment of The Hobbit trilogy in Wellington, New Zealand, and what better way to celebrate the release of the film than to do what hobbits (and dwarves) do best? Feast!

Easy (On Your Wallet) DIY Beauty Products

I’m pretty low maintenance, especially when it comes to the products I use in the shower. I balk at buying something that runs me over 5-7 dollars — 20 dollar exfoliation creams? No thanks! I decided to look up some cheap and easy home recipes, and ended up stumbling into some pretty fantastic articles.

A Group of Soups

Soup is great any time of the year, but there’s something about this weather that gives me cravings for something warm, filling, but not too heavy. Here are a selection of different soups to sample, sip, and maybe even slurp, during these rapidly cooling days and nights!

Melted Crayon Art

The idea is pretty simple – just glue a configuration of crayons to a canvas or posterboard, and go to town with a hairdryer – but crafters all over the internet have taken this simple idea to some truly incredible heights! Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite pieces that people have been showing off.

Thanksgiving Crafts for the Family!

With Thanksgiving just a week away, it’s time to start decorating your house for the holiday, and what better way to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving than by bringing the whole family together to help? Here are seven great Turkey Day crafts to brighten up your home and your table that the kids in your life will love to help you with!

A Light In Dark Places

Autumn is here, and in many places, the last of the color is draining from the leaves. You’re feeling like you’re in desperate need for some warm, comforting light. Look no further! Here are a few different ways for you to bring unique and beautiful lights to your home:

Thanksgiving Tomfoolery

Every year, I see articles about gross or spooky (but tasty!) Halloween treat ideas. And every year, poor Thanksgiving is left out of the mix. Why not add a little bit of fun to this traditional holiday by adding a few foods to the table that will be sure to entertain your family?

Macro Photography Tips

Being able to shoot good macro can mean the difference between a creative and eye-catching showcase, and poorly lit boring photos that do your work a disservice. There’s plenty that you can do to improve your macro photography — here are some tips and tricks to help you along!

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