Patriotic Party Food – 22 Red, White and Blue Treats for 4th of July

Every patriot’s favorite day, The Fourth of July is coming soon. I don’t know about you, but this is a major holiday in our home. We love to have the whole neighborhood over for a barbecue, let the kids go crazy in the pool, and relax outdoors while appreciating everything this wonderful country has given us.
  While we always make sure to display one of our standard American flags during the month of July, we also like to have a little fun with the theme of red, white, and blue. Why not? It’s not every day you get to cook and be patriotic at the same time. Here are some family favorites that you and yours will love.

Pinwheel Cookies

  These delicious classic icebox cookies are adorable, but they are also a bit labor-intensive, so save them for a day when you either have help or the time to pull them off. The colors look beautiful together, and the recipe creates a simple, classic taste that everyone will love. Be ready for these to get gobbled up quickly—they never last more than an afternoon in my house.

Crazy Cupcakes

  If you’re a cupcake fanatic, like I am, then you understand how versatile and fun they are. Everyone loves them, and they easily adapt to any theme. These great Firecracker Cupcakes are no exception; just start with a frosted cupcake of your choice and then add the little fireworks at the top. Don’t worry! It’s a candy-coated marshmallow. Just take a bite and enjoy.

Eagles You Can Eat

  If you need a recipe that your little ones can help you with in the kitchen, I highly recommend these adorable edible eagles. No baking required—just a little building and decorating. They combine the taste of chocolate, coconut, and cashews to make a delicious dessert, and they come together so fast you can do them in a few batches or at a craft table if you’re having a family party.

A Cheese and Cracker Platter

  If you want to put out some savory snacks, as well as sweet, but keep with your theme, try this great flag snack tray. I love how the stacks of crackers and cheese complete the whole picture. So clever!

Patriotic Pie

  My grandmother was an incredible baker, and I still aspire to be able to make a pie crust as flaky and delicious as hers. This year, I’m hoping to do something really unique by making a star spangled pie in celebration of our patriotic party this July. The recipes here are very basic, but where they get a little more fun is in the finishing touches. You will love them!

From Pretzels to Flag

  If you absolutely do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to opt for this pretzel flag. To be honest, the instructions on the site aren’t completely clear, but all you need to know is that each pretzel is dipped in candy coating and then arranged to look like a flag. This is another great one for getting the kids involved, (they can make the display after you do the melting and the dipping), and you can even put some white sprinkles on top for a finishing touch. Salty, sweet, and red, white and blue? Yes, please.

Sweet Stars

  If you’re up for some actual baking but want to make something unexpected, I really recommend these great patriotic brownie sandwiches. They look amazing and taste great, and they’re made with cake mix to keep them simple. You may want to make and freeze some extra star brownies—these will go very fast.

A Layered Drink

  This pretty and sweet tipple is extra easy to throw together. Just buy three different kinds of punch, and then pour them into the same carafe. The higher sugar content of the red layer sends it to the bottom, the white drifts up to the middle, and the blue on the top. The kids will love how pretty it is and how sweet it tastes.

Fancy Rice Krispies

  These gorgeous little bites make me drool every time I look at them. Something about the melted white chocolate on top of the crunchy little kernels just sends me straight to the kitchen to whip up a batch. These are a huge crowd pleaser, and your kids will be more than happy to be on sprinkle duty. Enjoy.

A Creamy Shake

  This unique milkshake is actually just colored vanilla ice cream, but just imagine having it beside some nice, salty burgers and a tangy salad. Wash down a whole barbecue with this refreshing, frozen drink, without losing your theme.

An On-Theme Candy Bar

  This unique dessert is not for beginners or those who have a packed schedule. If you can ask for help, I recommend it. I also highly recommend giving these little homemade chocolate bars a try because the American flag insides are such a fun surprise. They’re crunchy, chewy, and chocolatey. You will love them.
ArtFire Fourth of July Boutique

Surprise! It’s a Watermelon

  If you have any guests or family members who have to watch their sugar or gluten intake, you can offer a healthier option like this lovely watermelon dessert. It’s cut to resemble a cake and then frosted with whipped coconut milk, flavored with a little honey and vanilla, and decorated with fruit and almonds. It comes together very fast, and you won’t have to turn on the oven. Bonus—everyone will want to eat a nice, big serving of fruit once they see it.

Pretty Popsicles

  Another healthy and very delicious option is a coconut water popsicle full of blueberries and strawberries. These sweet, chilly treats are only two ingredients and can be adjusted to your personal taste very easily. Just look for a good popsicle mold and be ready for your family to request these for the rest of the summer.

Red, White, and Blue Protein

  If you want something high-protein or free of dairy, try these amazing cashew cream bars. Naturally sweetened and dyed red and blue from strawberries and blueberries, they help tide everyone over until dinner or give them something to nibble on after a swim. They’re high in protein and free of carbohydrates, so just one is enough.

Fruit and Chocolate in a Kabob

  If you like to mix a little fruit in with your more sinful desserts, you will adore these fruit and brownie kabobs. You’ll feel as if you are erasing all those naughty brownie calories with the vitamins from the strawberries, blueberries, and the … um … marshmallows. Even if they’re not completely good for you, they do taste wonderful.

A Healthy Tart

  Whenever my nieces and nephews come around, I always make sure to have some gluten-free desserts for them so we don’t have any sudden trips to the emergency room. This tart is one of their favorites; it’s creamy, with a nice crust, and has a lot of sweetness from the coconut and the fruit. Even if you eat gluten regularly, you will really love it.

Teeny Tiny Cheesecakes

  This recipe is another beginner-friendly concoction that I really love. The kids can help build up the layers before it goes in the oven. These sweet little bites are made in your cupcake pan and use vanilla wafers as a crust and combine yogurt and eggs for the cream cheese filling. They’re beautiful, delicious, and completely adorable.

Dangerous Cherries

  Is it time for a drink yet? Is the answer to that question ever “no”? These amazing, vodka-soaked cherries will brighten up any backyard barbecue. They are soaked overnight, so this is an instant cocktail—no mixing or measuring required when it’s time for a tipple. Just make sure you tell the kids these are for adults only.

Blended Goodness

  Red, White, and Blue(berry) Margaritas are perfect for any party. Flavored with strawberries, blueberries, and coconut, these delicious drinks are completely adjustable and can be made for the kids, as well, if you just leave out the tequila. They look as good as they taste, which is crazy good.

A Nostalgia-Inspired Cocktail

  Do you miss the days of running out for a snow cone with your friends when you were younger? Try these amazing strawberry and blue curacao boozy snow cones that you can enjoy in your own home. The ice becomes the white layer as the red and blue syrups flow down through the cracks to make a delicious concoction at the bottom. Again, keep the kids away—because these are both tasty and pretty.

An Explosive Shot

  If you have some skills with cocktails, you may want to try your hand at some Red and Blue Shooters. This fun little cocktail has pop rocks on the rim to give it a firework effect, as well as some sparkle. Read through the recipe carefully; there’s a trick to the pour.

Boozy Ice Cream

  This amazing recipe puts both patriotism and the right to party all in one bowl. The mix of vanilla ice cream, raspberries, blueberries, and Moscato wine is about all you need in life. No ice cream machine? You don’t need to worry; the recipe walks you through how to do this with just a loaf pan and a freezer. If you need a kid-friendly version, I would recommend using some apple or white grape juice in place of the wine. Or, just make the kids their own ice cream.


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