Penguin Sweaters provide Oil Spill Relief

Guest Blog by Jennifer Diana

Despite their home being in an extremely cold climate, we don’t think of Penguins as needing any help staying warm.

Technically they don’t, but when oil spills disturb their habitats these adorable creatures need a new line of defense.

In comes what could possibly be the cutest sweaters ever.  Until the penguins are able to be cleaned, they are giving these knitted fibers a new use.

Aside from keeping the penguins warm, sweaters also help prevent poisoning.  While they are already soaked, it’s eating the oil in an attempt to cleanse themselves that causes most cases of poisoning.  Sweaters are providing a strong barrier.

After the recent oil spill in New Zealand, activists called knitters into action.  Patterns were created to assure the sweaters fit and still allowed the penguins mobility.

A short week later enough sweaters had been donated to cover all the effected penguins.

This means the penguins of New Zealand have a fighting chance until the entire cleanup is completed.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished when knitters and crafters join together!

Not to mention how  adorable these penguins look!


  • Reply March 25, 2013

    Erica Webster

    Please send me a pattern to knit these and an address to mail them to! Thank you!

  • Reply September 14, 2013


    i would also like to help make a sweater for them. ^_^.

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