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I have recently, much to the chagrin of my daily productivity, become a Pinterest convert. I seriously resisted for as long as I could, you guys, but at this point I’m totally hooked! I’m starting to notice, though, that the more time I spend on that site, the more inspired I am to go out and create, and that’s what I wanted to talk about today in this post! I’ve never really been a very craftsy, creative person, to be totally honest. I grew up latch-hooking, creating some legendarily terrible watercolors (seriously…my family still makes fun of me for some of them), attempting to cross-stitch, painting ceramics with my siblings at a local paint-your-own ceramics shop, and very occasionally experimenting à la mad scientist in the kitchen. Most craft websites I’ve run across in recent years only increased my lack of confidence in my crafting abilities by showcasing only the most beautiful and skillful works by talented artists who have been crafting for a long time, which only intimidated me further.

What you are witnessing here, ladies and gentlemen, is my latest (and admittedly greatest) attempt at crafting a Halloween costume for this year.

Pinterest is something different. Pinterest covers a wide range of skill levels with posted crafts and DIY projects, and every single time I visit the site, I immediately see both something amazing that I could never hope to achieve even after years of hard work, and something simple yet uniquely awesome that I could make/sew/cook/bake/paint in an afternoon! It’s incredibly inspiring to see all the crafts that are well within my reach as an amateur crafter right alongside crafts that I can aspire to as I improve my skills, and Pinterest makes it easy to keep track of future ideas and share them all with your friends! I’ve really been digging Artfire’s Pinterest lately in particular. Most of the boards they have going on over there are right in line with my interests when it comes to crafting and DIYs, especially that Recipes/Food board. And you know how sometimes when you come across someone’s board, you feel like they’ve somehow read your mind? That’s exactly how I felt when I stumbled across their Art board – I absolutely love it when art is created from unlikely materials, and a good chunk of what they have on there, from a Lego wig to coffee ring art to carved book landscapes, follows that theme!   For someone that has always been a little intimidated by crafting, Artfire’s Pinterest page is an amazing source of inspiration, and a fantastic resource when it comes to actually making things myself. I would seriously encourage you all, if you enjoy the kinds of things Artfire puts up on their Facebook page, to give their Pinterest a whirl! They’ve got a little something for everyone up there, and they make sure to feature plenty of talented Artfire sellers in their collections. I’d be curious to see what kinds of things they’ve pinned that could inspire you!


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    Glad to hear you have found a place to be inspired! Crafting has always been a part of me … I don’t know what I’d do without it. I love making things with my own two hands! I’m off to take a look at ArtFire’s board to follow it, too. I’m pretty new to Pinterest, but it does seem quite fun. Just need a bit more time. 🙂

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      Hi. I just need 2 know if one needs to be siigned into Artfire to Join you in Pinterest? Thanx In advance. E

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        Katie Westlake

        Hey Elaine! You don’t have to be signed in to browse Artfire’s Pinterest page, but if you want to snag any cool pins they might have up for some Pinterest boards of your own, you’d have to be signed in. 🙂

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