Postcard DIY

I am on vacation right now and was thinking about how it would be fun to find ways to reuse the postcards you buy on your travels besides sending to friends/family or adding to your picture album.  Here are a few ideas that stood out. *I love all of these ideas for great new ways to display postcards. (These are all from Pinterest, I told you this was a great place for inspiration:):

This is a little wild, but looks fun for someone who is always travelling.

Ok, this is a great way to wake up every morning. Makes you excited about the next trip you'll be going on.

Just beautiful. I love the set up on the mantel.

Easy way to add new postcards whenever you come home with a new theme.

*This is genius!  Recycle your postcards by making them a DIY daily calendar.  It’s perfect, revisit all of your travels with this great recycled, handmade project. *I found a great site, Simple Mom that shows how to re purpose old postcards that’s pretty smart.  Here are a couple of the ideas that I would try: add them to your journal it adds a new dimension to your memories or re purpose them as tags and gift cards. *I’ve also seen the print transferred onto fabric to create pillows or a print for a dress.  It’s fun to see them transferred onto something you can wear and showcase where you’ve travelled.  I think I would use a postcard from a trip to India or Texas:) What do you do with your postcards from your travels? Guest blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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