Prep Your Closet for Winter

4 Tips to Prep Your Closet for the Winter

Photo via pulaton

Photo via pulaton

One minute it’s sweltering, next minute is freezing outside.  Picking the right outfit in the winter is source of a serious dilemma for most of us.  As the weather cools down, you need to replace the light and flirty summer style with the warm and versatile autumn fashion.  The transition season is exciting because it offers more options to accessorize and diversify your look.  The problem is that the fluffy sweaters and bulky boots may take up too much of your closet space.

Finding place for all your fashion pieces can be a challenge, even if you have a large closet.  It is all about organization, not about the amount of storage space.  Here are a couple of tips to help you get your closet ready for the winter.

  1. Take Out Everything

    The first step is to empty the inside of your closet.  Decide what pieces you are going to keep for a little longer, and which are not appropriate for the cooler temperatures.  Then you can easily proceed with the organization of your wardrobe.

    4 Tips to Prep Your Closet for the Winter2
  2. De-cluttering

    This tip is more of a no-brainer, but it is vital for the process.  You need to eliminate everything unnecessary from your closet to ensure enough storage space.  Stick to the following rule – “If you haven’t worn it in the past 2 years, it needs to go.”  This can be a hard process as we often get attach to some of our clothes.  These pieces remind us of a period in our life or we’re simply convinced that will never find such an amazing outfit.  Whatever the reason, making place for the new is always better.

    4 Tips to Prep Your Closet for the Winter1
  3. Start Organizing

    In order to make the most of your space and preserve the beauty of your clothing, you need to know how to properly organize different items.

    • Tops – if you can hang all of your pieces, do it.  You will wear them more if you can see them.
    • Sweaters – it’s better to fold the sweaters or they may lose their shape on the hanger.  You can divide your pieces depending on the colour and weight in cubbies and dividers.
    • Jeans – you can organize your jeans in a number of ways – by colour, cut, brand, size and style.
    • Pants and Skirts – hang these items using clips.  Fold in the sides to prevent marks on the outside of the garment.
    • Dresses – the expert advice is to arrange the dresses by colour, not by length.
    • Shoes – put your shoes in a visible and easy to reach place to help you easily find what you want to wear.
    • Scarves – Scarves are the winter essentials, so you need to take good care of these gorgeous pieces.  Fold them in piles by colour and material.
  4. Helpful Storage Solutions

    If you have a small closet, you need to use every trick to maximize the storage space.  Replace your current hangers with their space – saving counterparts.  You can consider an affordable closet organization system.  Don’t get into extremes with the storage solutions because they may take up too much of your space.

Whether you have big or small closet, keeping things organized is essential.  Don’t let the mess take over your storage space and have your winter clothes in place.

4 Tips to Prep Your Closet for the Winter3

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