Print Trend: Chevron print from home to fashion

Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

Move over stripes, the chevron print is HOT, HOT, HOT and everywhere right now.


This zigzag pattern or inverted ‘v’ shape has a retro feel.  But, it’s been around forever dating back to Greek pottery from as early as 1800 B.C.  Today, the print can be found from the runway on clothes to carpets in any room (it’s really popular in nursery decor right now).

The chevron print is HUGE for home decor.  I love that Francis Ford Coppola’s new hotel Palazzo Margherita did such a dramatic floor with chevron everywhere.

Usually you see decorators using chevron as an accent with a throw pillow, candle, wallpaper on a small wall or a throw rug.  It’s exciting to see how far people will take such a strong print.

Nail art is huge right now and people are getting really creative with nail design.  I was excited when I saw the chevron print nail design above.  It just proves that the print can be used anywhere.  It’s all about getting creative and trying new things. I’ve even seen the print used on a business card and it really looked chic and stood out.

How to wear this trend.  I say keep it simple.  Some editorials will showcase mixing prints and using a chevron print.  But, I think the chevron print is statement enough.  Keep the accessories simple and clean; i.e. solid pumps or sandals.

Missoni has their signature chevron print used in their fabrics that got a lot of focus after the Target Missoni collab.  I LOVE, how they mix colors and all with the print.  H&M has a similar Missoni styling in stores right now.  Just another great option for the print to have fun with.

The chevron print has taken off with handmade designers as well from art work to jewelry, designers are taking this print to another level.  Providing an option for everyone with this print.

Explore options and find what works best for your brand and what you have to offer to this print.

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