Project Runway is Back, Are You Watching?

    I hadn’t written about Project Runway season 10 yet because I hadn’t caught up on the two episodes (and the third airing tomorrow night) myself.  I caught up today and I can honestly say this season will be pretty entertaining.  The majority of the contestants are really talented and the challenges are unique.  Are you watching?  What do you think of the episodes so far? Episode 2’s challenge had the contestants use candy to create items without it looking like candy was used.  The fashion tie-in was that the candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar used was owned by the daughter of Ralph Lauren.  It’s amazing what these designers come up with and in the time given.  I’ve shared this before, but I really feel like competition shows like this are great inspiration for handmade designers who are creating things at home and might be in a rut. I haven’t decided on who is my favorite contestant yet.  I think that Christopher Palu and Alicia Hardesty have a good chance of winning.  Hardesty says she designs for tomboys.  But, I still think her looks have some edge that will appeal to all women.  But, you never known…each competition I have a favorite and it’s rarely the same person.  The challenges really bring out a new side to the designer that you don’t expect which can change how you see them as a “favorite” designer.  Who is your favorite designer? These days it’s all about participating in the conversation on social media sites like Twitter.  Use hashtag, #Projectrunway to participate in the conversation while you watch.  It’s like having a viewing party every week sharing your thoughts and getting responses via your phone/computer.  See you there! Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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