Rainy Day Gear DIYs

Wintertime where I live brings much less snow than it does rain, so much of the winter months are spent breaking out the wet weather gear and trying not to get soaked while you’re out and about. As I was wandering around this last weekend, I realized that most of the rain gear I was seeing was completely boring – lots of black umbrellas, black rain boots, and generic rain coats without much color at all! That got me thinking about some ways to brighten up and personalize rain gear, and after scouring the web, I found these great DIY projects that’ll have that boring umbrella, rain coat, or those rain boots looking stylish and unique in no time!

DIY Embellished Rain Boots

Image courtesy trinketsinbloom.com

This embellished rain boots DIY from Trinkets in Bloom requires little more than a pair of scissors, 2 yards of 1 inch gross grain ribbon, some fabric glue, and a pair of scissors! The author began her project with a pair of boots from Target that already had grommets and lacing, but she makes sure to give some tips about how to create the same effect with a pair of regularly styled boots. Super cute, and very vintage-looking!

DIY Painted Rainboots

Image courtesy withtheraincomesslugs.blogspot.com

These adorable painted rain boots from With The Rain show just what’s possible when you decide to jazz up your plain, boring rain boots with some acrylic paint. The tutorial itself is pretty straightforward, and the creative possibilities are endless when you’ve got such a unique canvas to work with!

DIY Polka Dot Rain Boots

Image courtesy madebymaison.blogspot.com

To continue with the rain boots kick I’m apparently on so far with this post, I looooove these DIY polka dot rain boots from Little Maison. The tutorial couldn’t be easier, and all you’ll need are some circle stickers and two different colors of spray paint – be sure to buy paint that can bond to rubber or plastic!

DIY Kid’s Raincoat

Image courtesy prudentbaby.com

Shopping for a Christmas gift for a pint-sized acquaintance of mine this last year, I was completely shocked at the astronomical prices of cute rain coats for kids, which is why this cute rain coat DIY from Prudent Baby was such a welcome find! This DIY is a bit more involved than the others I’ve listed so far, so be prepared to make a few mistakes if you aren’t quite a sewing sensei, but the result is well worth the effort.

DIY Striped Umbrella

Image courtesy whatiwore.tumblr.com

Looking for a way to spice up that boring black umbrella? Look no further! This DIY striped umbrella from What I Wore will add a dash of glamour to a dreary rainy day, and the tutorial doesn’t require anything but some white paint, a brush, and a ruler + tailor’s chalk!

DIY Neon Geometric Print Umbrella

Image courtesy designformankind.com

Last but certainly not least is this unique neon geometric print umbrella DIY from writer Erin Loechner on her awesome DIY blog MakeKind. The project is super simple, and the results are quite stylish – I particularly like the random mixing of blue neon triangles with the orange majority. I’d love to see what some other shapes and colors could look like ringing the edge of this umbrella! Hope you’ve all enjoyed these rainy day DIYs, and hope they’ve inspired you to go out and create some snazzy rainy day gear of your own!


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