Rainy Day Projects

If you’re tired of playing in the snow, or never had any snow (like me) and instead had a lot of rain, you’ve come to the right place!  I’ve come up with a few rainy/snowy day projects for you, some of which can be done with children, others are probably more suitable for adults.  I’ll let you be the judge.  🙂

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Courtesy of Grace Bonney

This idea from Design Sponge looks a little intimidating at first, but it doesn’t call for many tools, and doesn’t actually have many steps to it.  If I had enough time and bottles, and fewer landlords who would be angry at me for doing it, I would have these things all over my apartment.  Actually, I’m pretty sure I could still do this project as long as I didn’t bolt anything to the wall on my patio.  Hmmm…  

Cereal Box Lanterns

Courtesy of Nike at Choose To Thrive

I know.  I can hardly believe those started out as cereal boxes either.  This is another project that uses things almost everyone has in their home. Although this project from Choose To Thrive will probably take a considerable amount of time to finish, that’s one thing I love about it (aside from it being TOTALLY ADORABLE).  Sometimes, all I want on a rainy weekend day is to work on something that will take me more than a short amount of time to finish.  Something I need to spend a lot of time on to get everything just right.  And this is definitely that project!

Wall Shelves/Art Display

Courtesy of Cremedelacraft.com

Almost everyone I know has at least one shoe box laying around, and here’s a perfect DIY project for just such a person. Creme De La Craft delivered this really simple project for creating awesome looking display shelves; these might be good for a few books, or flowers, or your child’s artwork… pretty much anything! They’re a pretty awesome way to spruce up white walls without having to paint a room, too.

Sand Art Terrarium 

Courtesy of Kelly Christine

Have you ever made one of those little sand art bottle-men before?  I made one once at a fair; it had fuzzy clown hair, googly eyes, and little pipe cleaner arms.  I loved that thing. So I went looking around the internet for a good sand art bottle-man project, and instead found this.  And this, in my opinion, is a lot better.  I really love terrariums, and in fact have a tiny little one on my desk at work.  Kelly Christine gives a really lovely picture-by-picture explanation of putting this thing together, along with a few other ideas.

Butterfly Baths, Bird Feeders, Bat Boxes, Oh My!

Courtesy of Babble.com

As a bonus, and because I’m indecisive, I’ve chosen to include the link to Babble.com, wherein you can find 8 different ideas for projects that’ll spruce up your backyard.  I love all of them.  The bird feeder pictured above looked especially easy to create, but I’m also very much a fan of the butterfly bath, as well as the natural bird feeder. There you go!  Hopefully you’ve got some ideas now for ways to entertain yourself (and your family) on days when going outside doesn’t seem like the best option.

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