Rock On!

Kindness Rocks are a Great Way to Spread Cheer While Sharing Your Creativeness!

Rock painting has been around for decades.  I remember getting a Klutz Rock Painting Book when I was in elementary school.  Back then you would go out and find some rocks and paint a fruit, vegetable, or if you were really daring, an animal.  But starting in 2015, the activity has gone viral and taken on a whole new spin.

The Kindness Rock Project was started by Megan Murphy in 2015, when she wrote, “You’ve got this” on a rock and left it on a beach.  After a friend found it, she started leaving more rocks with inspirational messages around. As the trend of painting rocks has grown, so have the possibilities. Rocks are painted as a fun activity for adults and kids alike, as well as to support particular charities, events, or movements.  There are hundreds of Rock Painting groups that have popped up on Facebook (most likely there is at least one in your city). Sometimes a hashtag or the Facebook group the painter belongs to is written on it as well. It is greatly appreciated if you take a picture and post it to the hashtagged group if you find a rock like this!

One of the great things about rock painting is that anyone can do it, not matter what their artistic skill level.  You also don’t need a plethora of expensive art supplies that you will never use again. Some of my favorite rock painting items are the $.50 acrylic paints from the craft store, a pencil, and some old paint brushes that I have had for years.  

When you first start painting rocks you should start simple.  Try painting the rock a solid color and then writing a single word on it.  You can add some dots or stripes to jazz it up a little. Inspirational quotes and words are a great place to start.  Once you get comfortable with your materials then you can really start having some fun.

Mandala patterns are another fun rock painting technique.  Most start with a large dot in the center (I usually use a pencil eraser dipped in paint to make it) and then a series of different size and colored dots work their way out to the edge of the rock.  I splurged and bought a $6 nail decorating kit on Amazon to help with these. Like all rock painting techniques, you are limited only by your imagination.

If you want to leave your rocks just how they are, that’s great.  Some people enjoy adding a little glitter, puff paint, or googly eyes.  A lot of people prefer to seal their creations which makes them last a little longer.  Any clear spray paint from the local hardware store will do the trick.  

If you are able to part with some of your new works of art and plan on hiding them around town, please remember to be respectful of rules when hiding your treasures.  National Parks, some businesses, and places like Disneyland do not allow you to hide rocks on their premises. If you aren’t sure if you should hide one, just ask!  

Be sure to check out our rock painting Pinterest board for some rock painting inspiration!

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