Searching for Productivity: Work from Home, at the Coffee Shop or in the Company of Other Creatives?

Even you, my beautiful and successful ladies, have probably asked yourself whether your environment has anything to do with your work performance. Of course, only someone whose passion is strong can ponder upon the best possible atmosphere that would boost their productivity and creativity. Before you dwell into the content of this article, it’s important that you realize that your final decision should depend on your own personality. What you consider to be the best choice for you at any given moment, definitely is the right choice. With that out of the way, let’s look at the pros and cons of different work environments that may either skyrocket your performance or slow it down.

  1. Pros: working from home

  2. Flexible schedule

    When you have a home office, you can organize your own working hours. This can be very valuable if you want to have enough time for your other hobbies and activities. Moreover, you can decide for yourself when your productivity is at its peak during the day.

    Creative freedom

    Home office is a great place to work from in the sense that you can decorate and jazz it up however you see fit. All the décor bits and pieces as well as inspiring colors that wouldn’t be allowed in a regular office can find their way to your own little work corner at home.

  3. Cons: working from home

  4. Inability to concentrate

    Home office cannot be the right choice for everyone. If you find that you can’t focus on your work while at home or simply can’t seem to follow the schedule and respect the deadlines, the mix of work and personal environment is definitely not for you.

    Lack of socializing

    Not only will the inability to focus and deal with your work at home leave you feeling stressed and anxious, but you probably won’t have time for social activities either. If you can’t make one aspect of your life work for you, and you constantly struggle to finish all your work-related tasks, you will probably miss out on other important things as well.

  5. Pros: working from a coffee shop

  6. Better focus

    Some people find that the noise and the buzz of a lively coffee shop work extremely well when it comes to their concentration. If you’re one of those entrepreneurs that seek distraction in the background so that you could focus even more on what you do, definitely try the coffee shop.

    Cozy atmosphere

    If you’re sick and tired of working alone at home, a coffee shop can be a great change of pace. You’ll be constantly surrounded with other people, yet you can relax as if at home. What’s more, if you pick your favorite coffee shop, you’ll have a tasty warm beverage within arm’s reach all the time.

  7. Cons: working from a coffee shop

  8. Social encounters

    It’s important that you find the time to socialize and go out, but if you seem to spend your working hours chatting with others at the coffee shop more than you do working, this may not be the most effective solution for you.

    Technical problems

    The Internet age we live in has made working so much easier. Basically, you can set up your laptop wherever you want and go over your daily agenda. However, Internet connection in a coffee shop may not be suitable for your work. Also, no one can guarantee that you’ll be able to find a good spot near the electric outlet every single day.

  9. Pros: coworking space

  10. Motivation and professionalism

    A coworking space is definitely one of the best options for those who want a balanced level of motivation and professionalism. You’ll be surrounded with other entrepreneurs but in a productive environment. Take the Muse creative work space for example – there’s a time and place for everything, even some relaxing hobbies and chit-chats.

    Social opportunities

    Unlike your home office and even a coffee shop, coworking space offers you the possibility to socialize without overstepping the boundaries of your work responsibilities. You can find a lot of things in common with other creative people who come to the coworking space for the same reason as you do.

  11. Cons: coworking space

  12. Distractions

    Other entrepreneurs might not have the same profession as you. This means that sometimes their own work will cause too many distractions for you. Also, constant interactions and activities may be too much fun for you to actually do the work you need.

    Not fitting in

    You may not like everyone in the coffee shop, but then again you don’t really have to work with them. In that respect, it’s very important that you click with other members at the coworking space. Otherwise, you may just feel uncomfortable.

If you don’t think that your current work environment is the best choice for you, let your freedom guide you to whatever seems right. Try different things and one of them will definitely work for you. As you probably already know – that’s where your true strength lies. Never settle for anything less than what feels right.

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