Seasonal Sales Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for ArtFire merchants)!  As the holidays approach people are searching for the perfect #UniqueGift for their loved ones.  These same people are also looking for a great deal.  Help them find your shop by taking advantage of ArtFire holiday sales tags.

Holiday Tags and Promo Labels are important tools used to drive extra traffic to your shop. When listing an item on ArtFire you will come across a section called Tags, Holiday & Promo Label.  It’s vital that you use this section to get your items noticed.  

Under the “Holiday” drop down you can select one holiday or season for your item.  Selecting a holiday association puts your item in that holiday or season’s gift guide. 

If you are running a holiday promotion, this is where you would list that.  By selecting one of the options from the drop down menu, your item will display a promotional message in search results and can entice buyers to click on your item.  Things like Free Shipping are a great way to generate extra business.

Holiday Tags

Thanksgiving2020– Using #Thanksgiving2020 will give your item placement on our homepage all of Thanksgiving Day.

BlackFriday2020– This tag will give your items a place on our homepage on Black Friday (November 27, 2020)

SmallBusinessSaturday2020–  Saturday, November 28, 2020, is the official date of Small Business Saturday.  Your #SmallBusinessSaturday2020 tagged items will get a special spot on the ArtFire homepage on this day.

ReadyToShip2020–  Items tagged with this phrase will be displayed on our homepage from December 17th through December 21st

CyberMonday2020– Cyber Monday will take place on Monday, November 30, 2020.  Items tagged with #CyberMonday2020 will be front and center on the ArtFire homepage all day that day.

HolidayDeals2020–  This tag will get your items displayed on the ArtFire homepage from November 30th through December 15th.

Why Tags are Important

ArtFire generates meta keyword tags from what words you use to tag your product during the listing process. This is especially important when you are trying to draw extra traffic to your shop during the holiday shopping season.  Our guidelines for those tags are as open as possible. We allow you to use up to 5 tags to help describe and label your product. Our only guideline is that you do not use the same keyword multiple times. An example of this would be, “beaded necklace, jade beads, beaded necklace, pretty, beaded necklace” using the same keyword multiple times will hurt your SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), not help them. After 10 keywords from your tags, we add “ArtFire” and “(Main Category)” so keep in mind that you do not need to add the keyword that is also the category name.  Use the tags to describe and label your product and we’ll take care of the rest!


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