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Bear Sleep Mask by JuliaWine

Bear Sleep Mask by JuliaWine

 I do what I do because I just can’t live without it.  For me it is not work, in the usual sense of the word, it’s a lifestyle

My name is Julia, and I am from Ukraine.  I spent my childhood in the mountains of Georgia.  My parents were in the military and lived at the outpost, away from civilization.  Currently I live in my home country.

 I love sewing by hand. Of course, I use a sewing machine when I sew big pieces together.  However, all of my products have parts made by hand and some are entirely handmade.  I always buy a limited amount of certain fabric so almost every single one of my creations is unique and different from the rest.  Even if I try to make two identical items, in the end they always have some differences.


 I do what I do because I just can’t live without it.  For me it is not “work,” in the usual sense of the word, it’s a lifestyle.  Sometimes I like to get away from reality and plunge into the world of childhood, colors, and fantasies.


 This business gave me a purpose in life.  It used to be just a hobby, but now I can clearly see what I want to do and in what direction I should develop myself.

JuliaWine's Studio

JuliaWine’s Studio

I was working as a designer for a company sometime ago, but I wasn’t very happy.  I had very little control which didn’t allow my creativity to flow.  Then I started my handmade business.  Now my day is very busy too but it is me who is in control of what to do next.

Everything from design to the finished product and photos are all my work.  I like the process and its realization, even though it takes a lot of time, as each product requires a lot of manual work.  However, the result makes me so happy and I dream it will make my customers happy too.

Wood Elephant Necklace by  JuliaWine

Wood Elephant Necklace by JuliaWine

At first, it was hard to materialize ideas since I did not finish the special schools for sewing construction and technical drawing.  I wanted to do something original.  For example the first cover for a device I made was finished a year after the first sketch.  I tried to make it immediately as soon as I got the idea but it turned out very crooked and not functional.  Over time, I realized my mistakes and drew up a couple of new sketches and tried again.  My first working device cover took me about 4 days but it was worth it!  These days, sewing the same cover takes me 2 to 3 hours.


For now, my best selling items are Sleep Masks.  I guess it’s because they are great gifts and you can also use them yourself.  Also, everyone has to sleep.

In my spare time, I love to be with my family – son and husband.  We like to walk in the city and ride in the car around some beautiful places.  Also I like my roller skates!

I am very happy I’ve found ArtFire.  They help me with my business and help me think like a business person.  All I can say to those who want to start selling their products is – be creative and always believe in what you do!


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