Seller Spotlight: PreciousKnits

Disclaimer: Seller Spotlights are hand selected by the ArtFire Staff and contacted personally.  We ask sellers to tell us a bit more about themselves and their business through their own eyes.

Hi my name is Lindsey and my company is PreciousKnits.


Handknit Plushie Elephant Toy

I’m a Jersey girl born and raised by the beach.

I’ve always been crafty and I come from a long line of creators.  I hopped from one interest to another until I found knitting.  It all started with a scarf that I saw in a store.  I said, “I bet I can make that myself” and after many frustrating hours a knitter was born.

 I don’t follow trends but rather aim for beautiful, classic designs that are timeless.

Handmade Knitted Scarf

Handmade Knitted Aspen Scarf

That was 8 years ago and I haven’t stopped since.

I am a self-taught knitter and I design pieces that I love for myself and for my home.  I don’t follow trends but rather aim for beautiful, classic designs that are timeless.  I sketch in a notebook, research stitch patterns & techniques, make swatches, flip through my extensive library and use the inspiration that is all around me.

Bookshelf in Julie's studio

Bookshelf in Lindsey’s studio

Every item in my store is designed and hand knit one stitch at a time by me.  Knitting still amazes me.  I can’t believe such beauty can come from 2 stitches, (knit & purl) 2 sticks and a bunch of yarn.

The “bunches” of yarn in Lindsey’s studio.

I also enjoy working with my customers creating custom orders.  I want my customers to smile every time they walk by the pillows in their homes.  I want them to look forward to decorating for Christmas with my hand knit stockings and I want them to last and be enjoyed for many, many years.

Precious Holiday Knits

Precious Holiday Knits


Lindsey’s attention to detail in her craft is undeniable.

Running your own online business is not an easy task.  

My advice for new sellers is to have patience.  It takes time for your brand to reach your target customer.  Places like ArtFire, Pinterest, Facebook and Etsy do help but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Items waiting to be shipped.

Items waiting to be shipped.

ArtFire is a wonderful place for artisans.  The talent found here amazes me daily and the community is very welcoming and friendly.  I believe that ArtFire sets itself apart from other venues because they truly care about their artists.  They listen to our ideas and concerns and work daily to make this venue better for all.  Thank you ArtFire!

ArtFire gives me a place share my knitted creations with the world…


ArtFire gives me a place share my knitted creations with the world and my wonderfully supportive husband allows me to focus on my passion full time.  I’ve been very fortunate to have been featured in a number of magazines and popular blogs over the years and my pillows can also be found in hotels, ski lodges and malls to name a few.


Just keep creating, work hard, learn as you go and your business will grow.  There may be some tears, long nights and a bit of stress along the way but it’s worth it.  There is nothing like getting up everyday doing what you love to do and sharing it with others.


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