Social Media for Artists with Natasha Wescoat

Maker Mentors hosted a live webinar with Natasha Westcoat.  You can watch the entire video interview below.

Natasha put her first piece artwork online for thousands of dollars and then sat back, waiting for the dollars to roll in.  She waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally, she made one pivot that changed the entire game.


Today, Natasha Wescoat‘s vibrant, whimsical and contemporary works of art grace over 1,000 private and corporate collections worldwide.  Her work has garnered her a devoted following by collectors of all ages.  With a growing demand for her signature style, even television and Hollywood films have requested her work.

Modern Jewelry on ArtFire

In this session, Natasha will discuss how she uses Pinterest, Ebay, Kickstarter and other social media tools to build her audience and sell more of her work.

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