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Hi and Aloha from Hawaii!  My name is Stacy Cheng Suzuki and I am the gal behind Stacy’s Designs 88.

Creating my Small Celtic Heart Pendants Collage [7-18-15]

I was born, raised and live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, with my husband Jimmy and our doggie Stella.  I specialize in symbolic sterling silver jewelry that speaks from your heart and soul.  All my jewelry is handmade by me here in Hawaii.

Stacy on her porch with her pup Stella.

Stacy on her porch with her pup Stella.

I create symbolic jewelry because it connects people on a soulful and heartfelt level.  More than just another piece of pretty jewelry, I love that it conveys meaning.  When you give my jewelry as a gift, you’re connecting with your loved ones. You’re saying something from your heart to them.

Stacy in her workstation.

Stacy in her workstation.

My jewelry expresses such things as love, happiness, hope, serenity and the eternal connection amongst best friends and family, such as sisters, spouses, father/daughter, mother/daughter.  I have customers who purchase the same jewelry piece for themselves as well as their sisters, best friends, or family members.  No matter how far away they live from each other, my jewelry keeps them all spiritually connected.

My jewelry expresses such things as love, happiness, hope, serenity and the eternal connection amongst best friends and family…

Custom order for mother and daughters.

Custom order for mother and daughters.

Many of my pieces come with a unique poem or note written by me to reflect its meaning.  And Yes, I can customize a note or poem for you at a small extra cost.

Getting jewelry boxed and ready to ship  Collage [7-18-15]

Getting jewelry boxed and ready to ship

Emotions, relationships between people, and spirituality inspire me.  Symbols best reflect these things.  My designs are based on Celtic symbols, my love of hearts, and trending symbols many you see folks wearing today as tattoos.  People understand and relate instantly to them.

Triskele Maternity Necklace - Triple Spiral Celtic Symbol

Triskele Maternity Necklace – Triple Spiral Celtic Symbol

Many of my symbolic pendants are metal-smithed by my two hands.  Not being mass produced, you won’t find them elsewhere.  They are unique.  Another plus with being handmade, each pendant is slightly different from the other.  No two are exactly alike…just like the people that wear them.  To me, this is the hallmark of an artisan-crafted item.  I even create my signature necklace chain to convey meaning.  The 3 pearls I wire wrap on the chain symbolize the Land, Sky and Water or the Holy Trinity.

Hand forming Small Celtic Hearts [7-18-15]

Hand forming Small Celtic Hearts

Soldering Hearts

Soldering Hearts

I’m also a reiki practitioner and I work with energy.  So, when I create my jewelry, I imbue into each piece positive loving and healing energy.  This energy helps bring love, good fortune, health and happiness to those who wear it.  Yes, even my packaging is special.  I’m in my “happy place” when I’m decorating each jewelry box in colorful paper and ribbon.

Whoever you’re giving my jewelry to is pretty darn special.  And, they’ll know it too when they open their lovely gift box, see their symbolic jewelry, read its meaning and wear it.  My customers and their giftees share with me how much they love, cherish, and wear daily their pieces made by me just for them.  That makes me happy.  I know I’m on my right path.

Ready to box and package [7-18-15]

I love to work mainly with sterling silver, pearls, birthstones and spiritual gemstones.  Sterling Silver is a very popular metal nowadays as well as affordable.  And, the birthstones help personalize a piece that much more.

My best selling items are my Best Friend Infinity jewelry, Celtic Adoption Triad necklace, Infinity Rings necklaces, Small Cross necklace, and Celtic Sister Heart necklace.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.46.49 AM

I’m a one woman show.  Designing & creating my jewelry as well as running all aspects of my business.  I even drive to the post office to drop off my packages.  I work out of both my Chinatown art studio and my home studio…both located in Honolulu.

At my art studio, I do the bulk of my jewelry production.  My metalsmith process includes such things as free style hand forming, hammering, texturizing, soldering pieces together with my jeweler’s torch, filing, and polishing.  From my home studio, I do my computer work, all the business stuff, photographing of my jewelry, final jewelry assembling, and boxing/packing of the finished pieces.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been doing something creative and artistic.

Hammering Celtic Sister Heart

Hammering Celtic Sister Heart

I’ve done such things as drawing, ceramics, lei making, stamping, scrapbooking, sewing, quilt making, embroidery, macramé, screen printing, painting.  And, still to this day, I’m learning new forms of art.

I used to be an attorney.  Jewelry making was a great stress reliever and creative outlet for me.  I took several metal-smithing classes from a local art school.  I started my first online jewelry shop on another website, Etsy, as a hobby.  Yup, I needed to sell so I wouldn’t feel guilty making more jewelry.

Stacy's great store front on ArtFire

Stacy’s great store front on ArtFire

As my sales increased, I realized that I could now pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur.  So, several years ago at the age of 45, I retired from being an attorney.  I turned my jewelry hobby into a full-time business.

While searching for ways to expand my online customer base, I found ArtFire.  I loved that it was easy to set up shop here and super affordable with one flat monthly fee.  No percentage based fees…Wow, I love that!

One of the big rewards of being a small business owner is having the freedom to follow my passions and dreams.

Today, in addition to my online jewelry business, I’m selling my oil paintings, doing Life Coaching, and Reiki energy work.

Stacy wearing some of her jewelry.

Stacy wearing some of her jewelry.

This year, my big project is our home.  I’m decluttering, rearranging, and decorating.  Keeping only items that we love and use now.  I’m doing Feng Shui and Reiki space clearings & blessings throughout my house.  I’m loving the positive energy flowing through our home now.

I enjoy swimming at our beautiful Hawaiian beaches, hanging out with my friends, meditating, drinking green smoothies, doing yoga and walking our doggie daughter Stella as she searches for lizards.  My hubby Jimmy and I enjoy trying out new Honolulu restaurants.  I love posting foodie photos on Facebook so our friends can drool and vicariously share in our dining experience…Yes, so naughty…I know.

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