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Trends and concepts from steampunk continue to creep into mainstream concepts.  The details are amazing and it’s no surprise its popularity is increasing.  The concept is derived from elements that would be powered by steam.

The science fiction and fantasy bent is based on a Victorian aesthetic, making the end result incredibly ornate in nature.  These furniture pieces are derived from this subculture and molded by artist in the steampunk style.

This desk will work away while you do, with dozens of gears turning together emphasizing the effect.  If only it could do actual work for us!  Desk Machine was created by artist Dale Mathis.

Steampunk gear table created by Cole Hastings moves away from hard metals and refashions his concept in 15 layers of birch hardwood.

Most of the steampunk chairs I found looked more like torture chambers than lazy boys.  This one is a functional wheelchair.

Steampunk Professor X chair was created by Daniel Valdez with a sound system, vodka dispenser, and smoke machine.  All accessories are intended to liven up the lives of those with ambulatory issues.


Since much of the steampunk concept is spawned from writers such as H.G. Wells, it only seems fitting for bookcases and writing desks to be designed in this style.

When all these elements are merged together some fantastic spaces appear.  Like this steampunk office in San Francisco, CA, created for an online game company by Because We Can design company.

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  • Reply February 15, 2012

    Steve Scott

    Great stuff the same look we are after but , industrial country gone wild . C ya later. Hip and humble Steve .

  • Reply March 2, 2012


    Wow! I love all these pieces. I bet that the artist could make it where the gears would turn on the coffee table. I’ve always loved the look of Steampunk.

    • Reply April 12, 2013


      Alice the gears on the coffee table do turn! It’s pretty neat!

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