Summer must-have: Straw Bags

  I’d say that Memorial Day is the beginning of summer getaways and the perfect summer getaway accessory is a straw bag.  The fun thing about a straw bag is you can go from a super basic version and look classic and chic.  Or, buy a Mexican inspired version with all of the fixings.  It’s even fun to DIY a basic version by adding pins, brooches and much more. DIY: I found an amazing DIY straw bag where the blogger actually created a handbag!  Plus, the bag was inspired by Chanel!  If I had the time I would so do this. So, I’d say this is also a great project for a handmade artisan. I found a great website called Tokyo Fashion that showed so many inspirational images for what you can do to your straw bag.  LOVE! Vintage: Artfire has an amazing variety of straw bags and the great part is they are great prices!  I love that with vintage pieces you know everyone won’t own the same thing and that designers today are being “inspired” by these very items.  So, you have an original:)  How to wear the straw bag: Spring and summer are the only time this works.  You wear this in the winter where it’s snowing or raining and this just won’t work.  But, during the summer, I think you can dress a straw bag up or down with what you wear.  Any occasion works.  There are styles for every occasion, and like I shared there is a way to dress any style up with a brooch. How are you wearing your straw bag?  What is your go to style?

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