Summer Salads

    It’s starting to warm up everywhere and for those who don’t want to have the kitchen heating up a cool summer salad is the best option.  Plus, so many vegetables and fruits are in season at our local grocery stores and farmers markets.  It’s all about keeping the time in the kitchen minimal, but still creating a meal that is pleasing and filling for the family.  Salads go beyond the basic lettuce leaves and tomatoes.  Here are a few options to explore for new and exciting ways to eat this summer.  I LOVE searching for salads on pinterest!  So many amazing ideas and it’s all visual so it gets you so hungry:) Fruit Salad: These are just tasty treats that no one can say no to.  I’d say that this wouldn’t be an entire meal.  I’d say you’d have to pair this with a vege dish to make it so it’s more well rounded.  Or, I like the idea of using quinoa with it so it’s more hardy.  I’d say this is more of a “morning” salad.  Which proves summer salads don’t just have to be for dinner or lunch.  Other fruit salads would be great for dessert.   Pasta Salad: Now, I know you have to cook pasta and the veges here.  But, I’d say this would be a meal to cook the day before or earlier in the day to cool down in the refrigerator.  This pasta salad looks unique and gives a different option for the salad week so it doesn’t get boring.   Vege Salad: Update the basic vege salad by using beans.  That way you get the protein and steer clear of having to cook any meat.  This avocadao wasabi salad sounds amazing!  P.S. This vegan site I found has a ton of options for salads that look great.  I’d say a great loaf of bread would be great to pair with the salad.   CousCous (rice) Salad: I’d say rice, or couscous makes salad more filling for people who don’t feel like salad will do the trick.  Once again, beans can help with making a salad.  As you can see from the plate set up on this page, fish, or meat can be served with a couscous salad.  Along with a vege salad.  In the end, it’s as much as you want to eat or not eat:)  I just feel that salads for the summer is such a great option for a light food when it’s so hot outside and no one really wants to cook.   What are you favorite salads for the summer?

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