Sydney Fashion Week Street Style Inspiration

The recent dramatic fringe trend that DIY bloggers are jumping on.

  It looks like New York Fashion Week, London Fashion, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week better watch out (what happened to LA Fashion Week??:().  I keep seeing street style inspiration coming from Sydney Fashion Week left and right.  It seems that it’s hotter to find what ladies on the street in each fashion location are wearing rather than what is on the runway.  Don’t you agree?

Loving the dramatic neckline here.

You can find anything from inspiration for how to layer for Spring to up and coming designers you might not have seen before.  Street style photographers like Tommy Ton for and fashionologie offer great images to see many of the amazing street styles.  This just proves that we can all look beyond the expected locations for inspiration.  I’d say to just look up a new location’s fashion week each week to explore ideas for your business.  Who knows, maybe even your local fashion week might have things you never considered.  You never know what you may find. Just like you can see in the above images I shared from Tommy Ton’s street style images, there were a lot of new neck accessories happening that DIYers are already taking on and that handmade designers can create. Have you been inspired by Sydney Fashion Week Street Style?  What other fashion weeks have you explored for inspiration in your designs or shopping? Guest blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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