No-sew? No problem!

When it comes to crafting, I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to anything involving a needle and thread that’s more complicated than small hole repairs or sewing a button onto a piece of clothing. I managed to round up six no-sew crafting DIYs that I’m pretty excited to get started on for some holiday gifts, and I thought I’d share them with you guys!

Doctor Who?

I’ve been a huge fan of the show since its reimagining beginning back in 2005, and with the holidays beginning to loom in the distance, I thought Artfire might be a great place to turn to find some gifts for the Whovians (Doctor Who fans) in my life! Here are some of my favorite Doctor Who inspired Artfire crafts…

Trend Scene: Polka Dots for Fall

The fun thing with polka dots is they can be worn from head to toe. You can go as easy and simple as a scarf to a full on, classic dress like, let’s say what Julia Roberts wore on Pretty Woman, or…

Great DIY for Mommy and Me

When I saw that love Maegan… did a DIY for her and her niece, I had to share. It’s a cute and easy DIY that anyone can do and is very on trend for kids and adults. Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their life? 🙂

Color Fun: Orange Crush

My personal favorite is orange and tan. I think it’s also a great accent color to try out for the home. Simple, small items will do the trick. I thought it would be fun to find items on Artfire in orange that show the best of what this color has to offer.