Take a trip to Morocco with The Glamourai

The Glamourai has traveled to Morocco and is sharing snippets of her trip with her readers and I’m addicted.  I’ve been reading everyday and wanted to make sure others were checking out this amazing log of her travels.  Even if you will never make the trip to Morocco, her blogs are so inspirational they might reflect on a project you are working on with your business.  Not only are her clothes amazing and remind me of Sex and the City the movie 2.  But, her adventures are just as exciting.  Riding a camel, shopping at a souk and everything she eats looks divine.  I’ve always dreamed of visiting Morocco and would adore shopping a souk, but until then I just stick to visiting as many Moroccan restaurants I can find:)  And searching on sites like Artfire for hidden gems people bring back from their travels or create from the inspiration of this beautiful country.  Here are a few I found on Artfire that are exciting.

Even if the item isn’t made in Morocco, it’s still exciting to see items like this that are inspired by designs from Morocco.  This coaster set is just so beautiful and only $22.

I am so in love with Argan Oil so I was really excited when I found this Luxury Facial Lavender Lotion on Artfire.

How amazing!  This is vintage and from Morocco!  It’s finds like this that can’t compare!  Hammered brass bowl Casablanca Casbah open market, only $24.85

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