Ten Sensational DIY Crafts for the Perfect Summer Pool Party

Summertime, and the living is easy. Well, it’s easy for most of us until we have to throw that summer party to top all summer parties. There are endless ideas you can run with. You can go tropical, you can go nostalgic, and you can go full on boozy. So where do you start with the million and ten ideas out there?! Well, you could start with these ten. These ten DIY crafts are a good jumping off point to help you figure out how to throw a sensational summer party. So without further ado, here are the top ten summer DIY crafts for you to try out this summer.

Pretty Pineapple Vase

Tropical fruits are often associated with the summer season. Pineapples, mangos, dragon fruit (for those who like to get adventurous with their fruit); so why not utilize a tropical fruit to your creative advantage? This pretty pineapple vase is as creative as it is easy to make. So once you’ve chopped up enough pineapple to put on the snack table, use it as a centerpiece to hold the loveliest flowers of the season. To make this creative centerpiece, you will need the following materials: one juicy pineapple, a large kitchen knife, a spoon or ice cream scoop, a bouquet of flowers of your choosing.

Make Your Own Palm Trees

If you’re not located in area where palm trees have the capability to grow and/or stay alive, why not try making your palm trees instead? It’s far easier than it sounds, and you certainly don’t need to possess a green thumb to keep these palm trees up. To make this impressive party decor, you will need these materials: green paper and/or fabric, burlap fabric, carpet roll tubes, foam balls, a palm leaf pattern, wooden skewers, a hot glue gun, and some scissors.

Personal S’mores Snack Bag

S’mores are a wonderful summer treat, especially on those starry summer nights. So make the s’mores making process even more fun with individual s’mores snack bags. Your guests will thank you, no matter what age they are. To make these individual snack bags, you will need the following: s’mores ingredients (chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers), goodie bags, twine, three inch circle cut outs, scissors or a hole punch, small hole punch (or you could just use tape for sticking).

Palm Leaf Table Runner

In keeping with the theme of palm trees, if you don’t feel like making your own palm trees you can always make a palm leaf table runner. It requires less tools and less time to make. So if you’re just starting out in the world of DIY crafting, try this one out for size and see if you like it. To make this delicate table runner, you will need the following materials: a fringe cutter, craft scissors, double-stick tape, and cardstock.

Fabulous Paper Flower Leis

If you plan on throwing a low key luau this summer, why not make your own fabulous leis? If you’re not quite sure if you can be delicate enough to handle flowers (real or not), then try making leis with tissue paper flowers instead? They’re easy to make and just as colorful!To make this simple paper project, you will need these materials: jute rope or ribbon, colorful tissue paper (any colors of your choosing), and some scissors. Make sure when you use your scissors, the edges are nice and smooth. It will make the shaping process much easier.

Floral Ice Cubes

Edible flowers make quite the statement. It’s rare you get to eat something that’s so naturally beautiful, so why not add some beauty to the one place your guests would least expect it? Floral ice cubes are easy to make and you’ll definitely make a lasting impression by using them to decorate the beverages for a hot summer day. To make these floral ice cubes you will need these ingredients: edible flowers (there is a link at the bottom that lists what flowers are safe to eat), an ice tray, and some water.

Cute Cupcake Liner Banner

Watermelon is such a fun summer fruit. With it’s bright colors and delicious taste, it’s not hard to see why so many people have decided to use watermelon as inspiration for decorating. So why not utilize the idea with watermelon bunting. These watermelon banners are easy to make, and all it takes it some brightly colored cupcake liners to achieve that perfect summer color combo. To make this bright bunting, you will need these materials: cupcake liners (green and pink), white string, black cardstock paper, a hole punch, glue sticks, and tacky glue.

Tropical Balloon Centerpiece

Balloons are a fun way to decorate. Once you’ve filled enough up with water for that epic water balloon fight, why not sue the rest of them to use as tropical centerpieces? This tutorial can teach you how to make a bright and beautiful balloon centerpiece fit for tropical luau. To make these creative centerpieces, you will need these materials: latex balloons in varying sizes, palm fronds (or other foliage), baker’s twine or strong clear string, a large sewing needle, an air pump (or a good set of lungs), and clear adhesive tape.

Adorable Ice Cream Cone Garland

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream garland! One of the many joys of the summer season is the delicious ice cream. So in keeping with the theme of tasty treats, why not pay homage to them in a decorative garland? It’s as simple as it is enticing to the sweet tooth. To make this nostalgic garland, you will need the following: colored paper, corrugated cardboard, a circle hole punch, scissors, tape, and baker’s twine.

Popsicle Party Invitation

You’ve got the party preparations done, now all you need to do is get the word out. You want your party invitations to be just as fabulous as the party decorations. So why not make invitations as festive as the occasion with these popsicle party invitations. They set the mood and they’re sure to get your guests to attend. To create this pretty party invitation, you will need these materials: the free downloadable designs, scissors, a selection of 2mm beads, wooden popsicle sticks, all-purpose glue, tape, and a spray mount.

With these ten DIY crafts, you can rest easy knowing that you will throw one hell of a party this summer. Each one of these can be made easily and at little to no cost to you, so go all out this year! Your guests will be impressed and your wallet will be just as full as it ever was. Have fun and take it easy this summer!

Written by: Ella Ford

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