Thanksgiving Crafts for the Family!

With Thanksgiving just a week away, it’s time to start decorating your house for the holiday, and what better way to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving than by bringing the whole family together to help? Here are seven great Turkey Day crafts to brighten up your home and your table that the kids in your life will love to help you with!  

Yarn Ball Turkey

Image courtesy of Aimee Herring

This adorable little turkey from this tutorial is as simple to do as being able to wrap a ball of yarn. This craft project would make a great family table centerpiece – especially after you ask your helpers to write down what they’re thankful for on the paper feathers before dinner starts!  

Clay Leaf Napkin Ring

Image courtesy of Scott Little

To add a rustic flair to your Thanksgiving table, try these oven baked clay leaf napkin rings! Send the kids out to gather real leaves to use for the clay impressions, add a little glaze before you bake, and voila – a little touch of autumn for your plates.  

Sunflower Place-Holders

Image courtesy of Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil

Not sure where you’re supposed to sit when the turkey’s carved and ready? No worries! These sunflower placeholders, mounted in little pots made to look like pilgrim hats, will let all your Thanksgiving guests know where to sit. This one might require a few more supplies than other crafts, so be prepared to shop a little to make things look just right.  

Tabletop Turkey

Image courtesy of Amy Mikler

I’m a huge fan of the use of googly eyes on any craft, and your kids will love attaching them to these tabletop turkeys. This tutorial from walks you through how to make these little guys step by step, and they’ll make a great addition to any room in the house!  

Popcorn on the Cob

Image courtesy of Amy Mikler

In another great DIY from, you and your kids can spice up boring old corn on the cob by turning it into popcorn on the cob! If I were you, I’d probably sneak caramel corn in there instead of regular popcorn, but be careful not to spoil little appetites by offering up dessert first. đŸ™‚ And finally, because Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates friends, family, and everything in life we’re all the most thankful for, here are a couple crafts that focus on helping you and your kids share with each other what’s really important to each of you.  

 Family Wall of Thanks

Image courtesy of Heather Weston

Simple idea, simple execution – this wall of thanks is easy as pumpkin pie! Simply get a medium-sized bulletin board, use ribbons to portion off sections for each family member, and let everyone put up pictures, words, magazine clippings, drawings, whatever they like to express the things they’re the most thankful for. This would serve as a proud reminder for any family of everything they each have to give thanks for this holiday season.  

Jar of Thanks

Image courtesy of Heather Weston

This jar of thanks is such a charming idea, and one that’s easy for the whole family to participate in in the days leading up to Thanksgiving! Simply put out a decorative jar, scraps of paper, and some markers, and encourage everyone to write down what they’re thankful for on the paper slips. On Thanksgiving Day, clothespins and twine can turn this jar of thanks into a festive holiday garland to hang over the table while everyone sits down to dinner! Hope you all liked these Thanksgiving crafts for the family, and we’d love to hear about your favorite family crafts and activities in the comments!

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