Thanksgiving Tomfoolery

Every year, I see articles about gross or spooky (but tasty!) Halloween treat ideas.  And every year, poor Thanksgiving is left out of the mix.  Why not add a little bit of fun to this traditional holiday by adding a few foods to the table that will be sure to entertain your family?  

Candy Chicken Legs

Delicious Candy Chicken

Photo courtesy of Instructables

These tasty pieces of work from mygibzone on Instructables would make a great addition to the dessert display in your household on Thanksgiving.  I bet even after eating a little too much turkey, guests will find they have room in their stomachs for one more drumstick.  This treat is fairly easy to make; most of the work required is in the melting of the vanilla bark and the caramel (separately, of course).  The rest of the work is just dipping, rolling, and devouring!  

Jello Salad


Courtesy of Instructables

I find it can be difficult, sometimes, to get kids to eat their vegetables.  It’s pretty difficult to get me to eat my veggies sometimes, too! Once you take care of that unpleasant bit of business, maybe this jello salad from annahowardshaw on Instructables will make the kids (and adults) feel better.   If nothing else, it may serve to bring bright colors to a table that’s typically covered in a lot of dark foods. Although the assembly of this dish is fairly easy, it will definitely take some time to put together.  Most of your time will be spent cooking the different jellos and allowing them to set (depending on the food item you’re recreating).  

Candy Onion Rings


Courtesy of Taste of Home

Although not typically fare you would find on a Thanksgiving spread; these onion rings from Taste of Home might be an interesting addition to your dessert choices.  Depending on how you present them, guests may assume someone left their lunch out on the table.  These rings require only four ingredients, and will take roughly 20 minutes and change to put together.  

Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

Courtesy of Karen Tack and Martha Stewart’s webpage

Last, but not least, another adorable treat masquerading as a vegetable.  These cupcakes from Karen Tack (and her cookbook ‘Hello, Cupcake!’) are featured on Martha Stewart’s webpage and are also easy to throw together!  All they require is to bake some cupcakes (the recipe calls for 24), coat the tops in a yellow-dyed frosting, then place some jellybeans in a corn-like fashion. The recipe suggests decorative sugar for the salt and pepper, and a fruit chew for the butter. They lose something in the presentation if you just eat one, so it might be safer for you to eat all three.  You know, to preserve the image! Hopefully these recipes give you some ideas for ways to spice up your Thanksgiving holiday this year.  Remember, Halloween doesn’t have to be the only holiday with tricky treats!

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