The Best Holiday Craft Ideas That Make Great Gifts

Photo via Pixabay by Condesign

Photo via Pixabay by Condesign

The holidays can be a stressful time, between finding time to bake, shop for gifts, and finish up end-of-the-year tasks. For many people, getting creative with stretching the budget only goes so far; it’s difficult to find the perfect gift when there’s only so much cash to go around. However, there are ways around that, and they won’t cost an arm and a leg. All you have to do is get crafty!

There are several adorable, heartfelt gifts you can make that won’t take much time or money, but the first step is to figure out how many people you’d like to make them for. If you have children, there may be teachers, after-school instructors, and Secret Santa participants who would all enjoy a little handmade something; grandparents always love homemade gifts, as well. Think about what each recipient enjoys–reading, baking, watching movies–and cater the gift to their personality. Then, get the family involved in helping to create them.

Here are some of the best ideas for handmade gifts for the holiday season.

Cookie jar

Know someone who loves to bake? Gather all the ingredients for homemade chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles and layer them in an interesting pattern inside a Mason jar. Tie with a colorful bow and a handwritten tag listing the ingredients and voila! A handmade gift that’s sweet and useful.

Treat can

Save potato chip cans and rinse thoroughly. When dry, carefully place wax paper inside and layer baked treats, such as cookies, candy, and other confectionary delights, then decorate the outside to look like a nutcracker, a reindeer, or any other holiday figure. You can use glitter glue or pre-cut stickers, or you can have the kids get creative with construction paper and markers.


Photo via wecanpackage

Photo via wecanpackage

Save large pickle jars and rinse with warm, soapy water. When dry, add items from the dollar store such as moss or faux plants and leaves. You can even add a battery-operated tea light to the bottom and glue fairy cutouts (made from black construction paper) around the inside of the glass jar to create a silhouette. These are great gifts for kids and can be used as a nightlight.


Photo via gilliauna

Photo via gilliauna

If you have a reader in your family, a handmade bookmark is just the thing to give them for the holidays. You can take sturdy craft or construction paper and create a design, write a sweet message, or customize it, then seal it carefully with packing tape to create a laminated effect.


Jewelry is one of the most simple and customizable gifts you can create. Check out your local hobby or art supply store for hundreds of charms, gems, and beads and make a necklace or bracelet fit for a queen. This is a great idea for anyone who has a particular fandom–books, movies, comics, and television shows are wonderful inspiration for jewelry.

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