The Great Gatsby is Coming, and so is All the Inspiration on Fashion

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Katy Perry, clad in '20s fashion, attends the City of Hope's Music And Entertainment Industry Group Honors Bob Pittman on June 12 in Los Angeles.

Everyone is talking about the Great Gatsby right now in fashion.  It’s everywhere.  Here are a few trends to take away from the movie.  Remember, the key is to not focus solely on the entire look (like Katy Perry is doing above).  But, instead take pieces of the ideas from the period as inspiration so you don’t look like your stepping out of the movie. Head pieces: This is a very boho look these days, but it also reflects back on the 20’s when the Great Gatsby takes place.  I think something like this would be fun paired with a maxi dress or keep it simple and go with a tee and jeans with Chucks.  This is to play down any connection to the movie or the period in any way, but still has fun with the trend. Street style inspiration from Paris: Drop waist dresses: You can find this style anywhere, but just remember to watch how the style flatters your body type.  I’d say this is best for a boy style body that doesn’t have a lot of curves.  This is such a straight up and down style that curves will make it unflattering. Fringe: Fringe is another idea that can go boho but, is from the 20’s.  I like the dressed up feeling you can get when there is fringe at the bottom of an A-line dress.  There will probably be a ton of DIY fringe projects to come. Art Deco Jewelry: This is where vintage jewelry and budget stores like Forever 21 and H&M.  Your looking for large and in charge jewelry, or long faux pearl necklaces wrapped like what Katy Perry is wearing above. Sequin: This is another style that’s been around for a while since the 80’s trend became on focus.  Play with what you already have or get sequin tops and wear with jeans or black trousers to make it easy.  I LOVE how J. Crew pairs sequin skirts with unexpected items like stripe tee’s or just a plain tee.  That way it’s not taken too seriously.  I also found a sequin jacket that I LOVE to wear with everything from dressy to casual.  There are also great accessories like sequin clutches that help you try out the trend without having to go all in. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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