The Kitten Trend

  The little kitty has become very trend recently.  I’d say the trend began with our little kitty friend, Hello Kitty from Sanrio.  She made it “hip” to be kitty when Mariah Carey started wearing the Tarina Tarantino.  The blogger at P.S. I made this has also made a lot of fun kitty DIY projects from creating your very own exaggerated cat eye glasses to creating you very own kitty loafer.  I love her mood board for this project! Are you into the kitten trend?  Would you dare to wear a kitten piece?  I’m not the biggest fan of kitties, but I do think the trend is pretty cute:)

Image from P.S. I Made this

Here are a few styles I found on Artfire that I think are relevant to the trend and can be sported without feeling goofy. Kitten Ear Flap Hat, $25. Paw Prints on Mittens, $20. Cat Eye Sunglasses, $20. Bronze Kitten Ring, $5.95. A vintage brooch makes the little kitty look very chic!  $5 I’d say the tip is to avoid cutesy designs and go with a more modern take on the kitten trend to avoid looking like a little kid or like it’s Halloween.  It’s ok to have fun and add a little whimsy to your style, just make sure you keep style in mind.

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