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Change is Here! And it looks pretty good

If you’re on Twitter you might have noticed that some things have changed – users can now opt to use a new Profile Layout.  The Home, Notifications and #Discover pages didn’t go through any changes but Twitter Profiles have undergone serious surgery and are ready to play with the big boys.  The new profile is user-friendly, intuitive and BIG, making it perfect for marketing a brand or small business – ArtFire sellers for example.

New profile on our Twitter page

New profile on our Twitter page. Notice a similarity to other social media sites?

You might notice a resemblance to other social media site profiles, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Facebook, for example, has the largest reach out of all the social media sites available – they’re doing something right and Twitter wants in.

With the new layout update available for your Twitter profile page there are some exciting new changes  that users and businesses should take advantage of.  So if you’re not on Twitter yet, you’re going to want to join very soon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.48.30 AM

Feature #1: Highlight A Moment

With the new layout you can now “Highlight a Moment,” which we’ve found to be quite beneficial.  This feature allows users to pin a tweet of their choice to the top of their profile page.  Old & new followers will see this tweet first thing when they arrive to your page and it will remain there until you choose another moment worthy of being highlighted.

Highlight Your Business

This can be useful in promoting your business’s current campaigns as well as accomplishments.  Say you’re selling a product and have a discount you want to advertise: pin that tweet to the top.  Now you have the freedom to keep tweeting without the fear of burying important tweets, re-tweets or replies.

First impressions are important and if you’re redirecting people from your site to your Twitter profile, give them a good reason to follow you.

Use the Pin option to highlight moments

Use the Pin option to highlight moments


Feature #2: The Big Picture

As you might have already noticed, the new layout includes a larger profile pic and the cover picture now extends the full-width of the header.

Compare the small picture on this old profile layout with the newer one.

Compare the small picture on this old profile layout with the newer one.

New cover picture size resembles another social network

New cover picture size now covers more ground, giving your brand more chance of exposure

As a matter of fact all images now appear slightly larger & crisper, they are given more of a spotlight right in the middle of your profile.  Plus now you can place multiple photos in a single tweet – now that’s exciting from a business perspective!

Photo size on the old profile

Photo size on the old profile

Photo on new profile

Photo size on new profile

No More Resizing

Twitter has also made it much more user-friendly to upload photos to your page, any photo you choose is automatically resized to fit your background or profile picture.  Not having to spend time resizing pictures will give many users more options to choose from, as the hassle alone has assuredly turned off many Twitter users from uploading certain photos in the past.

Feature #3: Filtered Tweets

Another great new update to the Twitter schematic is that now, users can change the way they interact with a profile by changing the category view from Tweets, Following, Photos & Video, etc.  This means that all of your photos & videos are located in one easy to find place for people to browse, reply, retweet, and all those things that give your business the reach & exposure Twitter couldn’t offer before.

The ability to filter tweets on a profile gives a more clean & fluid way to browse through what’s popular and help you market your business more effectively.

Photos & Videos can now be easily found & viewed

Photos & Videos can now be easily found & viewed

Tweets on your profile have also been rearranged to allow a user to filter through previous tweets without having to scroll through the many replies associated with them.  For example, popular tweets with a high number of retweets and favorites will appear in larger font, saving users time in locating tweets they may want to highlight.

Notice the larger font on the Seller Spotlight tweet compared to the one above it.

Notice the larger font on the Seller Spotlight tweet compared to the one above it.

Feature #4: Color Scheme

The color scheme has become interactive in real-time, allowing users the ability to present a photo or layout in a more unique fashion.  You can now pick a color that fits your business, making it easier for people looking for your page to find you.

Pick a color, any color!

Pick a color, any color!

Final Thoughts

Usually with updates of this nature, consumers can become frustrated with changes to features they had already become comfortable using.  However, it seems like Twitter’s intention is to remove the clutter that has persuaded many to overlook the site by making it more user-friendly, cutting out time from inefficient usability and lending a hand to their users ability to individually organize their way of sharing.  All these changes to the layout are great, but unfortunately if you’re a mobile user the update isn’t available yet. Communicating? No, tweeting! Check out these other articles for more info on the new Twitter layout:

Written by Philip Harvey & Victoria Rendón

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