The Power of Makers

Tony Ford takes the stage at TEDxTucson

…shares why the world seems broken, why we stopped making things and how the most disruptive thing you can do is make something.
The Power of Makers | Tony Ford | TEDxTucson

The Power of Makers | Tony Ford | TEDxTucson

Tony is one busy guy who is always ready to create, innovate and educate the community, whether that be online or in our local community.  He’s the co-founder of, Maker House, Sparc Interactive a Tucson based video production house and Darc Fusion Digital a special effects house.  As if that wasn’t enough, Tony also serves as a marketing and operations consultant for the Downtown Tucson Partnership and Startup Tucson.  His new media marketing methods yield more than 30 million brand impressions monthly.

During his TEDxTucson presentation, which was part of a Point of Impact series, Tony reveals how the illusion of brokenness is actually a marketing strategy to encourage society to consume as opposed to making something for themselves.  Media marketing shows us a world where people are incapable of solving their own issues, they must rely on whatever product is being sold to act as a quick fix.

In this country, we used to be very proud of cooking, in fact we shared recipes we competed against others in country fairs…we compared notes, we showed off what we produced.

Tony demonstrates this marketing trend with the comparison of raw commodity foods to processed foods.  Since raw commodities don’t have a high profit margin, marketers came up with the “solution” of creating value ad by processing the foods and therefore being able to charge more money to buy them.  This may improve the bottom line for the companies involved, but leaves the consumer only knowing how to do one specific thing…consume.

In a world where our greatest skill is knowing how to consume, we are actually devaluing ourselves and becoming helpless without the aid of the products that we think that we need.  Tony’s solution to fixing the brokenness of consumer society is a simple one: Make things.  It doesn’t have to be a ritzy or elite craft and you can start small.  Make your family a nutritious dinner.  Grow a garden.  Dance.  Sing.  Write.  Play an instrument.  Make a costume or an art piece out of cardboard.  Get creative and re-convince yourself that you are capable of making something from scratch without having to purchase it.

Thanks you Tony for reminding us that we have the skills and intelligence to make what we need, instead of always turning to mass produced products.

Tony Ford

Tony Ford

Currently, Tony is leading projects in augmented reality for historical education, transmedia multi-channel narratives and the application of neolithic tribal psychology to the consumer value chain.  For Tony there is no project too small or too big that cannot be approached with passion and dedication. He has even served as an arts liaison to the Arizona State Legislature, with the U.S. State Department as a media consultant, and as a national speaker on marketing and technology.

Tony has plenty to say about the power of making and creating, and he doesn’t have to be in front of a camera to be willing to talk to you about it, but luckily TEDx Talks captured his talk for all to enjoy!

Source: This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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