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Friendship Bracelets are Back and Better Than Ever

Friendship Bracelets are Back and Better Than Ever

Friendship Bracelets are Back and Better Than Ever

If you were a child of the 80s or 90s you probably remember making dozens upon dozens of friendship bracelets.  Now, thanks to Pinterest, the wonderful world of friendship bracelets has expanded beyond your wildest dreams.  Say good-bye to slanted lines and chevron patterns (although those are still super cute and easy to make).  Today’s pre-teens are all about hearts, watermelons, and round bracelets.

The great thing about friendship bracelets is they are about as portable as possible.  All you need is your string/floss and a “holder” which can be anything from a clipboard, water bottle, or even your toe!

First things first.  You need to pick a pattern.  If you are new to bracelet making you should probably start with something simple like the slanted line pattern.  You can do as many colors as you like, but 4 is a good number to learn with. To start your 4 color bracelet, cut 4 pieces of embroidery floss to be 2-3 feet long.

Since people’s wrists vary in size it’s a good idea to leave a “tail” on each side of the bracelet to make it easy to tie later on.  To accomplish this, make sure you make a decent size loop to start your bracelet.

I’m a firm believer in using your fingers to space, add tension to, and keep your floss tangle fee.  Leave one piece of string off to the left side (this will be the first color of your bracelet) then put one piece of string between each finger.  Then grab all the tails and wrap them around your pinky finger. Again, this will keep your string tight and help keep it from getting tangled.

Stick your thumb out to the side and loop your first string around it.  It will resemble a #4 if you are doing it right. Put string one under string 2 and pull it through the hole in your #4. You just made your first know!  Pull it up to the top of string 2 and give it a little tug to make sure it is tight. (Keep the tension snug on all the strings between your fingers as you tighten your knots other wise the strings could “pop” and cause your knot to be the wrong color.)  Repeat this process to give you 2 knots around string 2.

Continue knotting string one across all the other stings until you have 2 knots on each one.  You did it! That’s your first row!

Let go of all the stings between your fingers and then set them up just like you did before, except this time string 2 is now going to be string 1.

Repeat all of the previous steps, making 2 knots around each string.

You will continue this process over and over until the bracelet is the desired length.  At this point you will braid both ends of your bracelet and tie off the ends.

There are several other styles of bracelets that you can make other than the slanted line, but this is a great place to start.  When you are ready to try some others, check out our Friendship Bracelets Pinterest Board.

Once you master a few of these techniques and decide you have too many of them lying around, you can consider opening an ArtFire shop to sell them!

If you are looking for some different styles of friendship bracelets, check out these ones crafted by ArtFire makers!

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